Critical Approaches to Fashion

Selections of Aalto University students' graduate collections and related projects from both BA Fashion and MA Fashion, Clothing, and Textile Design majors in 2023.
preparation for the fashion show
Designs by Kuutti Lemmetyinen, photo by Janne Pukari.

The public discussion about fashion often emphasises aesthetics, neglecting an important aspect of the entire field: fashion as a form of critical thinking and design.

Critical Approaches to Fashion showcases work from NÄYTÖS23 by students Anni Salonen and Kuutti Lemmetyinen who graduated in Spring 2023. Physical garments, images and other visual materials illustrate new designers’ efforts to promote fashion through ecological, social, and cultural sustainability. Their work highlights how fashion can challenge the norms and explore new bold ideas.

a model wearing Anni Salonen outfit
Design by Anni Salonen.

Our team

The exhibition is a collaboration between Fashion BA major and MA program FaCT. 
The working group includes the following: 

  • Elina Peltonen;
  • Annamari Vänskä;
  • Julia Valle;
  • Ilona Hyötyläinen.


Ilona Hyötyläinen

Julia Valle

Assistant Professor
Department of Design
Wood crystals on a black fabric.

Designs for a Cooler Planet

The festival returns to Otaniemi this fall, 6 Sept – 3 Oct 2024, revealing how we can change the world.

Yleisöä Aalto-yliopiston Naytos18 -tapahtumassa kuva Mikko Raskinen

Aalto University's fashion show Näytös23 challenges norms and highlights non-discrimination in fashion

Aalto University's student fashion show Näytös23 will take place on the Otaniemi campus on Friday 26 May at 20:00. You can follow the invitation-only event on Instagram @aalto_fashion

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