Colourful science presented in Art Tickling -festival

Centre of Excellence in Laser Scanning participates the festival with “3D and Colors” exhibition in Ahjo showroom space on 2.-6.10.
Pistepilvitaidetta. Selkäreppulaserkeilauksella kerättyä 3D-pistepilveä Helsingin kauppahallin ympäristöstä. © MML, Aalto Antero Kukko
Point Cloud Art. 3D point cloud collected by backpack laser scanning around the Helsinki Market Hall. © MML, Aalto Antero Kukko

Colourful children’s Art Tickling-festival celebrates its ten years anniversary on 2.-6.10. with performances and workshops in Espoo Cultural Centre, Tapiola. 

Aalto University’s Centre of Excellence in Laser Scanning Research participates the festival together with Finnish Geospatial Research Institute (FGI) with an interesting “3D and Colors” exhibition. The theme of the exhibition is colours as a basis for 3D technology, science and art. 

The exhibition includes multimedia artworks from the research, which are combining 2D- and 3D-technics, laser scanning and photogrammetry. The exhibition presents the role of research in the development of the society. Besides the point cloud art and technique, different 3D-machineries and cameras, videos and a reduced-size model robotic car, which produces point cloud material from its surroundings, are showcased in the exhibition. 

The visitors are able to experience the visual exhibition, admire the colourful point cloud art, take a closer look on the artworks and meet the researchers of the Centre of Excellence. Some of the exhibited animations and 3D-artworks are inspired by the cat mascots of Art Ticling -festival. On Friday and Saturday, also the robotic car drives to the scene. 

Welcome to experience, wonder and learn new things! 

The exhibition is open on weekdays from 9-17 and on 10-16 in weekends in Ahjo showroom space in Espoo Cultural Centre.  

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