Get acquainted with two concepts that were created during a BA course on social communication design and design activism Experiment: Change (Koe: Muutos) in Visual Communication Design in spring 2021. The audiovisual work is part of the Designs for a Cooler Planet exhibition.
Co-Act and Klong concepts

The course addressed the question of how design can help build peace, take a stand, and create understanding as well as bring reconciliation. 

Too often, creative designers have been left in an executive position even though creative thinking can make a difference. It is crucial that designers know on how to solve problems and how to communicate on complex issues. Creative work is also a collaboration where building partnerships and networks is essential. 

The course was coordinated and tutored by VCD Lecturer Tarja Nieminen from  
Aalto ARTS and co-tutored by  Arto Sivonen from Måndag Design agency. 


KLONG! encourages everybody to calm down for a moment, break away from the social media and digital devices, and think of somebody close-by. KLONG! is a new type of stationery box, made of environmentally friendly cellulose on which one can “print” one´s own message. The name comes from the sound of the mailbox, a slam when the mail falls through the door hole and delights the recipient.

The team: Eki Masalin, Laura Soini and Norma Lauritsalo

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