Get acquainted with two concepts that were created during a BA course on social communication design and design activism Experiment: Change (Koe: Muutos) in Visual Communication Design in spring 2021. The audiovisual work is part of the Designs for a Cooler Planet exhibition.
Co-Act and Klong concepts

The course addressed the question of how design can help build peace, take a stand, and create understanding as well as bring reconciliation. 

Too often, creative designers have been left in an executive position even though creative thinking can make a difference. It is crucial that designers know on how to solve problems and how to communicate on complex issues. Creative work is also a collaboration where building partnerships and networks is essential. 

The course was coordinated and tutored by VCD Lecturer Tarja Nieminen from  
Aalto ARTS and co-tutored by  Arto Sivonen from Måndag Design agency.  


CO-ACT is a platform that connects people and NGOs together and makes activism-related information easily accessible. It strives to lower the threshold for action-taking and to help people find their own ways of activism, whether social, political or environmental.

The idea for the platform came from a problem that we noticed while listening to lectures from multiple NGOs; they all struggled to get their information out to their target audience. To solve this problem, we took inspiration from the voting compass, which helps people navigate through masses of information and to find a solution suitable for their needs.

CO-ACT consists of three main resources that help people take part in local and global activism. The first is an  ’’activism compass’’ that helps people to find NGOs that work in a field that is important for them. The second resource is a material bank, that provides information about different topics related to activism, infographics and printable material. The last one is a calendar, where the user can see what type of events are going on in their hometown or even across the world.

The team: Jassir Kuronen, Nik Nummi and Viktor Teodosin


KLONG! encourages everybody to calm down for a moment, break away from the social media and digital devices, and think of somebody close-by. KLONG! is a new type of stationery box, made of environmentally friendly cellulose on which one can “print” one´s own message. The name comes from the sound of the mailbox, a slam when the mail falls through the door hole and delights the recipient.

The team: Eki Masalin, Laura Soini and Norma Lauritsalo

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