Graphic Design by Joosung Kang
Graphic Design by Joosung Kang

ClimATE on laajennettu näyttely ja tapahtumakokonaisuus useassa paikassa Aalto-yliopiston Otaniemen kampuksella.

ClimATE is showcasing research, prototypes, artworks, workshops, readings and screenings discussing climate change and food systems.

The List of Exhibitors and the Projects: 

Beta Space (Otakaari 1):

A Palette of Residues: Feelings Towards Climate Change by Yu Chen & Chiao-wen Hsu 

COMMODITY CAFE - DY(e)ING with coffee by Vera Anttila 

Empathy Education: Non-Human and Human Seasons  by Mariana Solís Escalera, Tzuyu Chen & Chiao-wen Hsu 

Farming to Cellular Farming: Our Future with Cellular Agriculture and Cultured Meat by  Niko Räty & Jana Moritz 

Padiwara: Rice Straw Exploration by Talisa Dwiyani & Miki Todo

V1 Gallery (Väre, Otaniementie 14):

To Flavour Our Tears: AnthroAquaponics Systems by The Center for Genomic Gastronomy 


The workshop and screening program will be announced soon!

More info: Bilge Hasdemir, SCTA Curator ([email protected])



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