Beyond the Bio-Bubble - Solutions for a circular forest bioeconomy

FinnCERES and UNITE Flagships are organizing a hybrid event introducing the latest R&D in circular forest bioeconomy on Nov 30 in Brussels.
Beyond the Bio-Bubble event

Welcome to the hybrid event "Beyond the Bio-Bubble - Solutions for a circular forest bioeconomyorganized by FinnCERES and UNITE Flagships. The event will take place on November 30th 2022 at 15:15 -18:00 (CET) in Brussels and online.

Our Flagships will introduce the latest research and development taking place in the circular forest bioeconomy and discuss the bio-based materials which are shaping our future. In recent years, as Europe transitions to a greener future, these efforts have been complicated by persistent greenwashing. However, if we look beyond the hype, the bioeconomy has vast potential to reduce our fossil dependency, ensure our continent’s resilience, and solve several global sustainability challenges. How can we sustainably use natural resources while conserving biodiverse ecosystems? And how can science-based knowledge support policy and regulation?

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