Art, Life and Entrepreneurship: 'Niche Quest' Poster Exhibition

Throughout the Art, Life and Entrepreneurship course, participants have explored a holistic, non-linear approach to crafting a livelihood from their creative passions. Slow down on your way to Studio Kipsari and take a look at the culmination of their studies in poster format.

Students stand proudly beside their exhibits.

About the Exhibition:

"I'm thinking of starting a company in <niche>, what advice would you give me?"

The 'Niche Quest' poster exhibition is the culminating project of the Arts, Life and Entrepreneurship course. During the course, participants have delved into a holistic, non-linear approach to crafting a livelihood from their creative passions.

The posters featured in the exhibition are the answers to questions posed by their fellow students about finding the niche in their product.

What to Expect:

Diverse Perspectives: Students from various disciplines present their unique perspectives on entrepreneurship within their niche.

Innovative Approaches: See the creative presentation of questions and answers as they share their perspectives on transforming their passion into a sustainable business venture.

Interactive Posters: Posters featuring insightful answers to thought-provoking questions posed by their peers. You will be inspired to reflect on an entrepreneurial mindset in your own field. 

What our students are saying:

"Finding the creative niche in my area of study will be forever useful for me. The course gave me validation and peer support as I explored the themes." Clint Casano- BA Design.

"I used architectural insights to transform my ideas about how I build furniture. My poster highlights the need to strike a balance between my artistic vision and market demands." Askim Naz Yildiz- Master of Architecture

"The practical format of the course allowed me to create a holistic narrative about my niche and how we as artists can work in the future. Reflecting on the financial aspects of my business was important too." Sára Halálasová

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