Adventures in Acquisition Entrepreneurship

Aalto Executive in Residence Gautam Basu

Do you have a desire to become an entrepreneurial leader, but don’t have a “unicorn” idea or the motivation to start a business from scratch?

Don’t worry - there is an alternative path.. Entrepreneurship through acquisition (ETA) is an alternative form of entrepreneurship, where an entrepreneur searches for, acquires, operates, and leads an already existing business. Buying an existing profitable business is less risky than starting one up. With established customer base, products and services you are likely to produce steady cash flows that attract acquisition capital. As the new CEO, the entrepreneur leverages his/her skills set, ambition, and innovative thinking to drive performance improvement and revenue growth opportunities, resulting in tangible value creation.

In this event, we will hear from several acquisition entrepreneurs at various stages of their search, acquisition, and operative phases in a panel discussion format led by Aalto Executive in Residence Gautam Basu

Aalto alumni with backgrounds in private equity, investment banking, and / or management consulting are warmly welcome to attend this session. 

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