Activist Afternoon

Sustainability Action Booster is organising an event as a part of the Design for a Cooler Planet exhibition that brings together activists from diverse fields and unique backgrounds!
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Ever wondered how to turn your passion into a catalyst for change, using your unique expertise to make a difference? 

Sustainability Action Booster is hosting an event that's all about diving deep into the world of activism and sparking transformation! Our panel of activists comes from diverse backgrounds, ranging from Elokapina activism to Mixed Finns community and Youth Climate Delegate roles. What unites them all? The power to turn their passion into action. 🚀

We'll discuss how to identify your own unique passion and kickstart your journey towards meaningful action. We will also introduce Sustainability Action Booster, Aalto’s new expense grant that provides you financial support in turning your sustainability ideas into action!


🗓️ September 27th at 5pm
📍 Kipsari, Väre
✅ Sign up Noooow! Pre-registered attendees get to enjoy free refreshments and yummy snacks.🥂 Don't miss out – secure your spot right here!


Alice Jäske
Alice Jäske

Alice Jäske (Master of Educational Sciences) has worked in the fields of education and journalism. Jäske is one of the founding members of Mixed Finns, a community for racialised mixed Finns. She currently runs trainings on anti-racism and organises peer events.

Elokapina members on the train tracks with the intention of stopping the Russian coal train in the spring of 2023
Elokapina members on the train tracks with the intention of stopping the Russian coal train, spring of 2023. Photo: Elokapina

Ville Saarinen is an experienced Elokapina (Extinction Rebellion Finland) activist and an Aalto University alumna. Extinction Rebellion, known in Finland as Elokapina, is an international movement which uses non-violent civil disobedience in order to halt the progression of the sixth mass extinction and to minimize the risk of social collapse caused by the climate and environmental crisis.

Hanna Höijer. Photo by Alianssi, Salla Merikukka.
Hanna Höijer. Photo by Alianssi, Salla Merikukka.

Hanna Höijer is a youth activist whose interests lies especially in international relations and the many dimensions of sustainability. She currently acts as the Climate Youth Delegate of Finland, thus representing the Finnish youth on all levels of discourse and decision-making related to climate both nationally and internationally.

Photo of Alischa Thomas
Alischa Thomas

Alischa Thomas has an interdisciplinary background between Sociology, Human-computer Interaction and Business Innovation Design. She is active as the president of Women of Aalto and in the entrepreneurship scene. Her vision is that everyone in privileged living conditions should leverage their skills, knowledge, and network to improve life for those who rely on them like children in poverty or violent households.

Event Hosts:

Sustainability Action Booster core team 2023
Emma Rosenberg, Jasmin Järvinen and Vera Väänänen

This event is arranged by the Sustainability Action Booster team. The wonderful Sustainability Action Booster trainees Emma and Vera will host the event while Jasmin is doing her magic behind the scenes. The team warmly welcomes everyone to join the event and calls You (yes, you!) to take sustainability action! ♥

Sustainability Action Booster

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