Aalto University Entrepreneurial Education Summit

You are invited to envision the future of entrepreneurial education! Learn Aalto’s way of teaching entrepreneurship, make your own courses stand out and network with other educators.
Tickets are now available!
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All university graduates need entrepreneurial skills and entrepreneurial thinking in their future careers. The competitive landscape out there is getting fiercer. It is obvious that many of our students will have to face the challenge of participating in projects where new businesses are being created and new products and services are developed. This requires a new set of skills. 

Together with leading international experts, educators at Aalto University share their experiences in developing and delivering courses that help students develop an entrepreneurial mindset and related skills. Participants will take part in workshops as both teachers and learners, get ideas and inspiration for their courses and learn how to integrate entrepreneurial education into the rest of the curriculum to act as change agents in their own organisations.

This two-day-long summit is targeting educators who want to integrate entrepreneurial skills into their existing courses, University entrepreneurship program coordinators and anyone who wants to see how entrepreneurship is taught at Aalto University. Participants will have an opportunity to have an overview of Aalto University entrepreneurial ecosystem as a part of pre-event.  

Program in short:

  • Train the Trainers: 9th – 10th of December 2019
  • Community day: 10th of December 2019
  • Entrepreneurial Education Summit: 11th – 12th of December 2019
  • You can register either for Train the Trainers or Summit, or both!

You can read more about the event program here:

*If you are teaching at Aalto University and complete the Train the Trainers, you are eligible to get 1 credit from pedagogical study. 

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