Aalto Studios Garage Sale!

Aalto Studios organises a garage sale before moving to Marsio in spring 2024.
Black and white image with text Garage Sale.

The huge Otakaari 5L building hosts our two day sales event, featuring audiovisual production gear, IT equipment and related accessories at unbeatable clearance prices. You’ll also find snacks and beverages, so even more reason to pop in.

Garage sale opening hours

Tuesday 26 March at 11.00-15.00
Wednesday 27 March at 11.00-15.00

Current list of items available on Aalto Studios website

Online auction

We are adding items for online sale before and after the event at Kiertonet. You can bid already, so go have a look!

Read more about Aalto Studios moving to Marsio

For more information:

Rolando Camilo
Production coordinator | Aalto Studios
[email protected] | 050 478 5052

Illustration image on a sunny day as the sun is setting, of Otakaari 2A, the lights in the building are lit and there are blurry images of people walking around. Grass and trees are green.

The new Marsio building is a showcase for research, teaching and impact at Aalto University

The name was selected through a contest, and it is a tribute to Aino Marsio-Aalto.

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