Aalto Services Testing Lab

Testing lab is a one-day pop-up space to test new Aalto services that BA service design students have designed based on the needs of students, Aalto staff and potential employers.
Aalto Services Testing Lab

During the BA service design course, six student teams have built prototypes to test one of their selected service concepts on Monday 8th April between 12:00 –18:00 at Otakaari 1 (Y-lobby).

Students will be testing their Aalto Services concepts with real users. There will be 3 teams testing at a time. From 12h -15h and from 15h – 18h. Please join us and participate by trying out the Aalto service early prototypes, and give them your feedback.

The pop-up event is a open for anyone, and participation does not take many minutes. This is a great opportunity to see, how BA students suggest that Aalto services could be developed from user perspective.

Any feedback from Aalto's students, faculty and staff is very valuable input for designing the future Aalto services and also for the students’ work.

This event belongs to a BA-level Service Design Project Course (MUO-C3011) in which students have gotten familiar with service design process model and apply service design tools to a real-life service design development task. The client of this project course is Aalto University.

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