Aalto Package Design Symposium 2019

Aalto Package Design Symposium 2019

In a world of finite resources, what are the drivers of change in packaging design? How to address sustainability and how to design experiences and empathy? What is the role of packaging design when introducing new product types or entering new markets?

We will address these questions and many more at the first Aalto Package Design Symposium. 

    Andrew Gibbs

    A Plastic-Free Future: How Creativity Can End Out Toxic Relationship With Single-Use Plastic  

    Andrew Gibbs (US)
    Founder of The Dieline, Partner at A Plastic Planet, Climate Reality Corps Leader, Instructor at ArtCenter College of Design

    Fumi Sasada

    Creation of Package Branding and Trends in Japan

    Fumi Sasada 
    Japanese award-winning designer, author,
    President and CEO of Bravis International

    About Sasada

      Other speakers

      • Virpi Korhonen (Sense N Insight): Consumer value for sustainable packaging materials and technologies
      • Elli Kultanen (Woodly) Designing a new packaging material - unique selling points and new paths to commercialization
      • Markus Joutsela (Pack-Age, Aalto University): Addressing Packaging Experience with Design
      • Avner Peled (Aalto University): Products as the Creator Incarnate

      The event is organized by Aalto University's Pack-Age programme. Get your tickets (65€) via Eventbrite.

      Aalto staff and students: free.

      More information: [email protected]

      Aalto Pack-age student project


      Pack-Age is an innovative packaging design course uniting visual communication, design, business and engineering thinking to sustainability and project-based learning.

      Corporate collaboration
      Structural paper folding techniques by researcher Miia Palmu. Photo: Valeria Azovskaya

      Envisioning the future of packaging

      There is an urgent need for sustainable alternatives to oil-based packaging materials such as styrofoam.

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