Aalto Fintech Seminar Series presents: Regulation of AI and decentralized financial data ecosystems

Eija Warma-Lehtinen and Timo Hotti speaking.

Financial sector is facing new challenges and new opportunities stemming from digitalisation and new technologies, the rapidly changing global landscape with new Fintech start-ups and large tech companies, and new regulation.

During Aalto Fintech seminar series, top Finnish experts give presentations related to the future of the financial sector and topics such as AI and machine learning, startups, open banking, regulation, and blockchain.

Aalto Fintech seminar series continues on Wednesday 16 October.

The first presentation provides a lawyer's perspective to AI and the need for a specific AI regulation. Questions related to the ethics and AI will also be discussed.

The second presentation deals with data ecosystems undergoing a major transformation from centralized silos into decentralized networks.  It provides an overview on the transformation of  the technological solutions and the need of getting business-wisely reorganized  in order to be compatible with the new ecosystem.

Eija Warma-Lehtinen, Castren & Snellman
Regulation & ethics of AI

Timo Hotti, Technology Strategist, OP Financial Group
A glimpse into the future decentralized financial data ecosystems

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