A! Water Treatment Summer Course

Water Laboratory

NOTICE: The course has been postponed to a later time (undefined yet) due to corona virus.

A! Water treatment summer course focuses on advanced drinking water treatment technologies. The course themes include new materials such as selective adsorbents in adsorption process, membrane technology and ion exchange reactors in practice, and advanced oxidation. The course is based on half-day lectures by the experts of the field, laboratory exercises, a final project presentation on the state-of-the-art, and an excursion to drinking water treatment plant. Aalto doctoral candidates researching the course themes give a short talk about their research. We practice interactive discussions, group work and reflection skills. The course provides a great platform for sharing experiences and networking with the experts and other doctoral candidates in the field. Prof. Julie Beth Zimmerman from Yale University and drinking water specialists in practice form Sweden and Finland will be among course guest teachers. 

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