A Grid community tour 7.6.

A Grid is one of the largest startup centres in Northern Europe and provides a home for more than 150 members. Join the tour with Community Manager Leigh Ewin
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Startup hub A Grid is one of the largest concentrations of startups in Northern Europe, and is part of the Aalto University ecosystem, along with Design Factory and Startup Sauna, among others.

Upon opening in February 2018, Aalto University’s startup hub A Grid (Otakaari 5) had some 40 tenants. Previously, the building used to serve as the main building of the Aalto University School of Electrical Engineering but was transformed into a startup hub in four phases, with the first phase completed in the beginning of 2018. 

The renovation of the building continued in turn of the year 2019, when the next phase was finalised and a new concept of startup communes – areas of office space with shared kitchen and lounge spaces – was brought to life. Today, A Grid is a cohesive and complete platform with approximately 25 000 sqm for 150 companies.

The A Grid tour gives you an insight into A Grid’s operating culture, what kind of businesses there are, and how students can become part of the startup community while exploring the community’s new facilities. Your guide will be Community Manager Leigh Ewin.

The tour is for Aalto students and personnel.

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A Grid

A Grid is one of the largest centers for growth companies in Northern Europe, housing e.g. startups and accelerators. Find a space for your company!

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