1st Student Conference on Marine and Ship Systems Engineering (MSSE) 2022

Aalto University is proud to host the 1st Student Conference on Marine and Ship Systems Engineering. The ship mission for transferring goods would be impossible to fulfill without the relevant supporting ship systems. As the marine systems are constantly evolving and becoming more complex, the next-generation engineers must be able to ensure the adequate design in a systematic manner. To this need, MSSE2022 aims to bring fresh and new students’ ideas related to the ship systems into the wider maritime community.
Ship bridge

Conference outline: 

The conference targets the M.Sc. level students willing to showcase their research and studies on marine and ship systems. 

The topics that will be covered include but are not limited to:

  • Ship fuels and energy sources

  • Power generation and management systems

  • Ship engines and their auxiliary systems

  • Propulsion systems

  • Heating, Ventilation and Air conditioning systems (HVAC)

  • Integrated Bridge and IT systems

  • Ballast Water Treatment systems

  • Cargo handling systems 

  • Safety systems

Organizing committee :

  • Prof. Osiris A. Valdez Banda, Aalto University

  • Dr. Ahmad Bahootoroody, Aalto University 

  • Dr. Victor Bolbot, Aalto University 

  • M.Sc. Meriam Chaal, Aalto University  

  • M.Sc. Sunil Basnet, Aalto University 

  • M.Eng. Oussama Methlouthi, Aalto University

Contact details:

For more information about the MSSE 2022, please contact us at: [email protected] 

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