Emerging Designs course 2021

MonCom – Communication and data gathering tool for mental health

MonCom takes steps towards better mental healthcare for everyone. With MonCom clients can manage and share their health data with care providers effortlessly.
Image showing a patient with a wearable that links to the smart phone (shown in the image) by MonCom

Team's description of the project

In mental health, a client is responsible for communicating their feelings and overall well-being. It’s a difficult task for any client to provide a holistic view of their life situation. Therefore, we wanted to make it easier for the client to gather and share information with their care providers. There is a lot of information that could be beneficial for the doctor and therapist but is never gathered or is inaccessible by the client.

MonCom is a communication and data gathering tool for the client. A wearable device monitors the clients' well-being by gathering active and passive data such as feelings, activity, sleep, breathing, among other beneficial indicators. All data gathered by MonCom is only accessible by the client unless they choose to share it.

If shared with the doctor, they can track the effectiveness and progress of treatment. Furthermore, to avoid the occurrence of severe symptoms they can contact the client if necessary. If data is shared with the therapist, they can get objective data on the patients' life situations. Thus, supporting the information shared during the therapy session.

For all users, it can be overwhelming to assess these different data points. The built-in AI helps the client, therapist, and doctor to navigate this data effortlessly by highlighting only the necessary information.

MonCom is designed to empower clients to get the right treatment at the right time.

In the autumn of 2021 students enrolled in Emerging Designs course were given a brief to design concept for tackling problems in the healthcare system. The focus was on developing healthcare and social care in sparsely populated areas of the Nordics, visioned in 2030 with distance spanning solutions. Altogether seven concepts were created and MonCom is one of them. 

Team members

Theo Weckström (Finland)

Industrial designer

Xiaoyu Zhang (China)

Graphic designer

Shreya Shrivastava (United Arab Emirates)

Service designer

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Emerging Designs course 2021

During Emerging Designs course seven student teams developed conceptual solutions for developing health care and social care in the rural areas. The focus of design work was in the Nordic countries, which vision in 2030 to be the most sustainable and integrated region in the world. Here you find the students' proposals with detailed descriptions.

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