Digital Disruption of Industry


Productivity with Internet of Things

In digitalisation of industry (industrial internet) VTT is a key research and development actor: VTT is running a spearhead program (ProIoT). Together with Aalto, VTT has conducted a national policy project (VNK) on Industrial Internet and is conducting  projects on digital platforms and platform economy. In built environment VTT is active contributing for future scenarios, currently VTT is leading CIB task force in Smart cities and also leading H2020 project Citykeys in smart city key performance indicators and in FP7 Roadmap for smart cities.


Heikki Ailisto, Professor

Caj Södergård, Professor

Petteri Alahuhta, Postdoctoral researcher

Asta Bäck, Principal Scientist

Jyri Hanski, Research Scientist

Johanna Kallio, Senior Scientist

Helena Kortelainen, Postdoctoral researcher

Teuvo Uusitalo, Senior Scientist

Mikko Tuomisto, Research Scientist


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