Digital Disruption of Industry

Multidisciplinary research project DDI

The Digital Disruption of Industry (DDI) -project studies the impacts of digitalization to the Finnish society through the lens of the industry. The next industrial revolution has already started with digitalization making it possible to create intelligent and networked products and produce significant added value. Over 40 professors and researchers are working together across disciplines and organisations to provide a holistic view on the change. Visit research teams at AaltoETLALUTUTU and VTT .

Industry 4.0

Finns’ use of data is growing rapidly and increasing electricity consumption in the entire ICT sector

The use of mobile data is growing fast in Finland, compared to other countries, reveals a recent report

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Four Tactics for Implementing a Balanced Digital Platform Strategy

Digital platforms, such as Apple’s iOS and Google’s Android, face two major challenges in maintaining their competitive positions. First, the ever-increasing variety of third-party apps risks fragmenting a platform and requires the platform owner to use controls to maintain platform unity. Second, a too-open approach may invite competitors to exploit a platform. A balanced digital platform strategy requires a platform owner to deploy four tactics—leverage, control, exploit, and defence—to make the necessary trade-offs between variety and unity, and open and closed.

Check out a recent MISQ Executive article by Kimmo Karhu, Robin Gustafsson, Ben Eaton, Ola Henfridsson and Carsten Sørensen. 

Research focus

The Digital Disruption of Industry -project aims to model the digital disruption and to strive for active measures for influencing the direction and speed of the change. Based on the research the project will provide policy proposals that support the success of Finland and Finnish companies.

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Digital Disruption of Industry studies how digitalisation changes industry


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Mechatronics students claim top three prizes in development project competition

The end results of this spring's Mechatronics Project course had an opportunity to shine in the development project competition hosted by industrial production and maintenance association Promaint ry and the Finnish Fair Foundation.
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EIT Manufacturing Match Making Event 2020

The Match Making Event 2020 was arrangenged over the web as a number of sessions. You can watch the web sessions here
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Call for Education Proposals 2021 (EIT Manufacturing)

Education focuses on humans: engage, connect and empower them to become the backbone of a strong European Manufacturing Innovation Community; a propserous and inclusive society.
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Call for Innovation Proposals 2021 (EIT Manufacturing)

The EIT Manufacturing community is looking for Innovation Activities with high potential. Proposers should focus on products and services with real economic, environmental, and societal impacts.

We proactively seek to initiate research projects on areas  that we see important for Finland's success. Some of the complementary research projects are listed here. 

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