Digital Disruption of Industry

Multidisciplinary research project DDI

The Digital Disruption of Industry (DDI) -project studies the impacts of digitalization to the Finnish society through the lens of the industry. The next industrial revolution has already started with digitalization making it possible to create intelligent and networked products and produce significant added value. Over 40 professors and researchers are working together across disciplines and organisations to provide a holistic view on the change. The research is funded by the Strategic Research Council at the Academy of Finland. The project started late 2015 and will finish by spring 2021. 

Participating organisations include Aalto University (lead), ETLA, LUT, University of Turku and VTT. 

Contact: Professor Martti Mäntylä, [email protected]

Industry 4.0


Publications related to the Digital Disruption of Industry (DDI) -project.

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Articles in Tekniikka&Talous

Our researchers are active in publishing articles in the Finnish technology newspaper Tekniikka&Talous.

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Policy Brief proposes solutions for increasing productivity
11 January, 2021

Digitalisation did not increase productivity as expected - researchers propose solutions for increasing productivity. There are large sector-specific differences in productivity with room for improvement, especially in manufacturing and construction.

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Link to the policy brief in Finnish

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Policy Brief recommends reporting obligations for the ICT sector's energy consumption
7 Jan, 2021

The majority of Finland's ICT emissions are generated outside our borders. It's difficult to obtain information on the environmental impact of IT. Digital Disruption of Industry researchers recommend unified, cross-boarder reporting obligations for the ICT sector. The policy brief is available in Finnish, but you can read the news in English.

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Finns’ use of data is growing rapidly and increasing electricity consumption in the entire ICT sector

The use of mobile data is growing fast in Finland, compared to other countries, reveals a recent report

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eit services
Cooperation Published:

EIT Digital Innovation Factory (Apply by 15th May 2023)

Are you planning to boost your early-stage digital deep tech startup?
Diplomin saaneet opiskelijat ja Konecranesin Ari Bertula.
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Product design course focusing on the challenges of the crane industry – corporate cooperation bearing fruit

Aalto University students look for solutions to challenges faced by Konecranes.
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Two new Centres of Excellence to Aalto University – the university is also involved in two consortia

Electromechanical Energy Conversion and Transfer and Life-Inspired Hybrid Materials were chosen as Centres of Excellence led by Aalto University
Professor Kari Tammi
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Professor Kari Tammi’s group develops digital twins for industrial use

A digital twin refers to a virtual model of a machine, equipment or even a whole production plant.
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