Digital Disruption of Industry

University of Turku

Institutional and Regulatory Interfaces

The interdisciplinary research group is formed around top research from three UTU faculties: Schools of Economics, Social Research, and Law. Its work addresses industrial digitalization in the Finnish post-materialistic era, focusing on the affected legal and cultural institutions in contexts such as construction industry, media, and commerce and retail in the broader theoretical framework of the aging welfare society, public-private provision of industrial innovations, and crowdsourcing and other increasingly significant business models.

Key topics include: 1) Societal structures: when compared to other economies, which social, cultural, legal, and other institutional boundaries in Finland support digital disruption, and which do not? 2) Producing companies: how do consumer communities challenge the existing business models? 3) Individual consumers: how to embed new ways of consumption into existing practices? Which are the benefits and breaking points for consumers?


Pekka Räsänen, Professor

Gail Maunula, Doctoral candidate

Tuomas Mylly, Professor

Ulla-Maija Mylly, Postdoctoral researcher

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