Digital Disruption of Industry


Digital Ecosystem

We strive to understand the co-evolution of the actors in the energy ecosystem and their broader institutional environment to find out how they can best benefit from the transformation coming from digitalization and related business models. We focus especially on the sustainable growth and the new energy services ecosystem for renewable wind power and solar photovoltaics enhanced by digitalization (Industrial Internet). This is a complex and dynamic system that requires interoperability and flexibility as well as sufficient speed for competitive new service and product development. Sustainable and resilient new energy services ecosystem requires close collaboration between current and emerging ecosystem parties. Our work provides understanding of the roles and potential contribution of the current and future new energy sector actors, as well as the processes and mechanisms supporting the emergence and evolution of new energy services ecosystem.


Kirsimarja Blomqvist, Professor

Jere Ahola, Professor

Tero Ahonen, Postdoctoral researcher

Paavo Ritala, Professor

Jukka-Pekka Bergman, Postdoctoral researcher

Argyro Almpanopoulou, Postgraduate student

Tiina Janhunen, master student

Digital Supply Chain Networks

The systemic value creation and digital supply chain group studies the global issues of digital supply chain transformation, value drivers of industry digitalization and acceleration of the digitalization in the industrial and public sectors. Horizontal supply chain processes have special value creation mechanisms in different industries such as manufacturing, energy, retail and logistics. However, interesting disruptive digital transformation occurs also in the convergence between industries. A major focus of the research is the digitalization of information sharing between systems in the supply chains, increasingly conducted in real-time.

In the project, the group focuses on the value drivers and new services of horizontal digital supply chain processes, digital standards and applications for business-to-business trade, and industrial and policy mechanisms to accelerate digitalization in supply chain processes.


Jukka Hallikas, Professor

Mika Immonen, Postdoctoral researcher


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