Digital Disruption of Industry

Call a Researcher! week 10-14 February, 2020

Do you have questions on digitalisation and its impacts? Want to know more on AI, platforms or industrial internet? Are you interested in circular economy, data-driven business development or ecosystems?

The Digital Disruption of Industry researchers study the impacts of digitalization to the Finnish industry and society. Our experts are available for one hour Skype discussions during 10-14 February, 2020. Book your discussion slot now.

Call a Researcher! week during 10-14 February, 2020

  • Click List topics and choose the topic you'd like to discuss. 
  • Learn more about the researchers by clicking the See more link. 
  • Book a session with the researcher by clicking the Book a slot link. 
  • After the booking send an email to the researcher so you can exchange Skype contacts. The researcher will confirm your booking via email.

Note that our researchers are in Finland and the time zone is UTC+2.

This is a pro bono service. The discussions are confidential, but you are responsible for not disclosing trade secrets. Contents of the discussions might be discussed on a general level inside the research group. The conversations can be in Finnish or English.

Booking status Feb 7: There are two time slots left for Martti Mäntylä. Others are already fully booked. 

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