Digital Disruption of Industry


Aalto universitys partnership is connected to this project by Communication Ecosystems, Digital Design and Manufacturing, Enterprise Systems, Institutional Foundations of Disruption and Transformation through interventions.

Aalto teams involved in DDI

Communication Ecosystems

The Communication Ecosystems group studies the past and future value network configurations. This approach links the technical architectures and market architectures within value network configurations, which allows the joint analysis of technology and market evolution. The topics of the group's research portfolio includes industrial case studies using methods such as scenario planning, agent based modeling, system dynamics, techno-economic modeling, and statistical analysis.

In the project the group will study past and future ICT disruptions. ICT sector can be seen as an enabler to other industry sectors, which means that disruptions within ICT sector tend to trigger disruptions in other sectors. Potential future ICT disruptions of this kind include the disappearance of SIM cards and international mobile roaming system and the emergence of software defined networking as the dominant networking and data platform.


Heikki Hämmäinen, Professor

Kalevi Kilkki, Docent

Alexandr Vesselkov, Doctoral Candidate

Digital Design and Manufacturing

The research focus of the team is in design and production of smart and connected industrial products and systems, especially innovative mechatronic products to enhance machine performance, improve the price-performance ratio, increase functionalities, as well as to achieve improvements in behavior. The team enjoys good links with Finnish industrial companies in mechanical engineering and manufacturing industries for the realization of the interventions. Current research topics include digital manufacturing, i.e., 3D- printing, and digital life-cycle of products from conceptual design to re-use.


Petri Kuosmanen, Professor

Jari Juhanko, COO, Aalto Industrial Internet Campus

Enterprise Systems

The Enterprise Systems group studies the intensive application of ICT in companies and other similar institutions not only to facilitate their own operation (through vertical ICT applications) but also to engage and work with customers, partners, and the full scope of other stakeholders to create added value and competitive advantages.

The topics of the group's research portfolio include horizontal system architectures, service and business processes and platforms, and ICT management and governance. Much of the present work of the group is focused on ICT and data governance issues raised by Industrial Internet. In the project, the team is also responsible of the management and coordination of the work, including supporting stakeholder interaction.


Martti Mäntylä, Professor

Jari Collin, Professor

Kimmo Karhu, Postdoctoral researcher

Nomi Byström, Postdoctoral researcher

Kari Hiekkanen, Postdoctoral researcher

Marco Halén, Postgraduate student

Janne Korhonen, Project researcher

Institutional Foundations of Disruption

The research team has developed a strong publication and research portfolio on strategy and organization in nascent industries, open platform ecosystems, and open innovation settings. The teams expertise lies in taking a sociological and discursive lens, with specific focus on institutions, narratives, and reasoning in field wide technology driven industry change.

Within this project the team will focus on untangling institutional foundations of the ongoing digital disruption in four industry settings - metals and engineering, built environment, energy system technologies, and environment monitoring. The team will work with Professor Sirkka Järvenpää from University of Texas at Austin throughout the study.


Robin Gustafsson, Professor

Zeerim Cheung, Postgraduate student

Eero Aalto, Postgraduate student

Transformation through interventions

The group studies collaborative process innovation and knowledge creation in emerging ICT-driven inter-organizational networks. The research follows a participative action research approach and conducts experimental interventions to support the transformation of the industrial networks and the wider ecosystems. The interventions apply dialogue-based process simulation and knowledge co-creation methods. Over the years, it has conducted almost 200 interventions as parts of research projects, with the aim to support and to study ICT-driven inter-organizational process and business model co-creation in different industries and public-private networks, with funding from Tekes, RYM SHOK, and the Academy of Finland. In the project, the team focuses on intervention research, and contributes to other related parts.


Riitta Smeds, Professor

Rita Lavikka, Postdoctoral researcher

Ulriikka Järvihaavisto, Doctoral student

Katri Sarkio, Doctoral candidate

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