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Researchers in the Engineering Materials research group investigate the properties and performance of engineering materials, non-destructive testing and joining of materials used in energy, transport and process industries.
Welding at the Department of Mechanical Engineering

Materials research involves state-of-the-art mechanical testing, microstructural characterisation, weldability and friction-based processing of materials. Residual stress measurements, the evaluation of hydrogen embrittlement and the assessment of NDT reliability are other significant topics.

The research group consists of four professors who conduct research and participate in top-level scientific events and networks on nuclear materials, digital image correlation, bulk metallic glasses and welding technology. Continuous innovation supports impacting publications and patents leading to successful spinoffs. The Engineering Materials group delivers breakthrough technological developments, transferring top know-how into the Finnish industry while supporting academic activities.

The research focuses on the relationships between microstructure, processing and properties in engineering metals and alloys. This is carried out with the modern facilities that cover state-of-the-art microstructural characterisation of materials, mechanical testing including novel digital imaging techniques capable for full-field displacement measurements, and friction stir welding and processing. The group has a long-term experience on research of modern high-strength steels, stainless steels, Ni-base alloys, aluminium, and copper.

Latest publications

Solidification cracking mechanism of carbon steel weld metal

T. Amaya, T. Yonezawa, K. Ogawa, M. J. Peltonen, H. Hänninen 2018 Welding Journal

My Innovations stirred by wunderbar Dos Santos

Pedro Santos Vilaca da Silva 2018 Honory symposium on the occation of Dr. Jorge dos Santos' 65th birthday

Solid state welding of dissimilar materials

Pedro Santos Vilaca da Silva 2018 Nordic Welding Conference 2018

Quantifying Nuclear Remodeling in Heart Failure

Logan Bailey, Danny Smyl, Sven Bossuyt, Julie Bossuyt 2018 Biophysical Journal

Microstructure Evaluation of Different Materials after Friction Surfacing - A Review

Kanhaiya Saw, Sachindra Shankar, Somnath Chattopadhyaya, Pedro Vilaca 2018 Materials Today: Proceedings

Optimization and characterization of friction surfaced coatings of ferrous alloys

Mohammed Shariq, Madhulika Srivastava, Rupam Tripathi, Somnath Chattopadhyaya, Pedro Vilaca, Nenad Gubeljak, Grzegorz Krolczyk 2018 MATERIALS TESTING: MATERIALS AND COMPONENTS TECHNOLOGY AND APPLICATION

Microstructural characterization of alloy 926 and 2205 duplex stainless steels coating layers deposited over high strength steel by friction surfacing

Arju Shekh Mohammad, Jaime Casanova, Gustavo J. S. de Souza, Pedro Santos Vilaca da Silva, Sérgio Duarte Brandi 2018 71st Annual Assembly of International Institute of Welding

Varestraint Weldability Testing of ATI 718Plus (R)-Influence of Eta Phase

Sukhdeep Singh, William Fransson, Joel Andersson, Anssi Brederholm, Hannu Hänninen 2018 Proceedings of the 9th International Symposium on Superalloy 718 and Derivatives
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