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Strategic Marketing

Competitive dynamics
Marketing performance and metrics
Technology and innovation management
B2B and networks
Students studying in the new BIZ building - Photo by Unto Rautio

Research in the Strategic Marketing unit focuses on diverse topics related to marketing’s contribution to strategy and the link between marketing and firm performance. Theoretically, we aim to understand better how marketing contributes to the competitive advantage and financial performance of a firm. Also, our research examines how the challenges brought about by competition, industry characteristics, and changes in the business environment more broadly affect the performance of strategic marketing activities, such as creation, delivery, and exchange of offerings, and the selection and maintenance of business relationships.

The Strategic Marketing unit conducts practically relevant cutting-edge research jointly with various actors within the business field. Currently, our highly collaborative projects examine the role of Artificial Intelligence in strategic marketing. Our academic research is multi-disciplinary and meets the top-tier quality standards. Our research has been published in the leading marketing and management journals such as Journal of Marketing, Strategic Management Journal, Journal of the Academy of Marketing Science, and European Journal of Marketing.

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