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Organizational communication

Research and teaching in the unit of Organizational Communication focuses on the social and communicative practices through which organizations, communities, and societies are managed and organized.
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Our research and teaching are based on an understanding of organizational communication as a multifaceted managerial and social activity.  Communication is used in organizations not only to convey ideas and represent objects of knowledge. It is used also strategically and performatively to construct realities and to make things happen. A better understanding of the dynamics and complexities of organizational communication thus bears relevance not only for communications and management professionals, but also policy makers and other practitioners in the broader field of organizational communication, strategic management, and business-society –relations.

The Unit is responsible for teaching a variety of mandatory and elective courses in the School’s BSc program, such as Mastering Influence in Business Communication, Scientific Thinking and Writing, Communication and Interaction Skills in Business, and Management Communication. Our teaching in the BSc specialization in Management and the MSc Programs Strategic Management in a Changing World and People Management and Organizational Development focuses on the subject areas of leadership in organizations, strategy communication, and social responsibility communication.


Research activity in the unit of Organizational Communication focuses on diverse questions of organizational discourse and sensemaking in contemporary business and societal contexts. Theoretically, the aim is to advance knowledge particularly in the fields of (discursive) institutional work, organizational legitimacy, organizational power, strategy-as-practice, and business-society -relations.

The unit also hosts a graduate program with 6 students working towards  Ph.D degrees in the broader field of organizational communication. 

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