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Research and teaching in the unit of Organizational Communication focuses on the social and communicative practices through which organizations, communities, and societies are managed and organized in global media environments.
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Our research and teaching are based on an understanding of organizational communication as a multifaceted managerial and social activity.  Communication is used in organizations not only to convey ideas and represent objects of knowledge. It is used also strategically and performatively to construct realities and to make things happen. A better understanding of the dynamics and complexities of organizational communication thus bears relevance not only for communications and management professionals, but also policy makers and other practitioners in the broader field of organizational communication, strategic management, and business-society –relations.

Our research-based curriculum offers students a thorough, trans-disciplinary understanding of the field of corporate and organizational communication for both professional and academic purposes. Our Master's program in Corporate Communication and BSc-Minor in Communication provide students with a deep, trans-disciplinary theoretical understanding of the strategic role of communication in contemporary organizations. By means of thematically focused course work and problem-based learning exercises, they also equip the students with improved analytical and practical skills for communicating stakeholder and shareholder value in the global mediascape. Drawing on the state-of-the art knowledge developed in the fields of media and communication studies (MCS) as well as different areas of management studies, the program offers students conceptual tools and practical knowledge for demanding jobs in the broader field of corporate and organizational communication.


Research in the unit of Organizational Communication centers around organizational discourse and strategic media management.

Research activity in the unit of Organizational Communication focuses on diverse questions of organizational discourse and sensemaking in the global, digitalized media landscape. Theoretically, the aim is to advance knowledge particularly in the fields of (discursive) institutional work, organizational legitimacy, organizational power, strategy-as-practice, and business-society –relations.

Research activity in the unit is organized around a number of research groups, which focus on one or more of the main research areas of the unit:

  • Critical studies of corporate responsibility and business-society -relations
  • Media management, social media and digital communication
  • Organizational discourse and strategy work

The research groups are actively engaged in a number of research projects, which provide a strong foundation for both teaching and academic scholarship in the department.

The unit also hosts a graduate program with 6 students working towards  Ph.D degrees in the broader field of organizational communication. Students collaborate with the senior faculty members and do research in one of the main research areas of the unit.

Latest publications

Impact of home market on business development and internationalization of demand response firms

Salla Annala, Salvatore Ruggiero, Hanna Liisa Kangas, Samuli Honkapuro, Tiina Ohrling 2022 Energy

Employee exit and constructive voice as behavioral responses to psychological contract breach in Finland and Russia

Evgeniya Balabanova, Mats Ehrnrooth, Alexei Koveshnikov, Azer Efendiev 2022 International Journal of Human Resource Management

Boundaries, roles and identities in an online organization

Saara Bange, Rita Järventie-Thesleff, Janne Tienari 2022 Journal of Management Inquiry

Handbook for a Data-Driven Circular Economy in Finland: Data Sources, Tools, and Governance for Circular Design

Annukka Berg, Helena Dahlbo, Pasi Eilu, Pirjo Heikkilä, Ari Hentunen, Katja Hilska-Keinänen, Susanna Horn, Hannu Ilvesniemi, Samppa Jenu, Marjaana Karhu, Tiina K.M. Karppinen, Sari Kauppi, Päivi Kivikytö-Reponen, Sonja Lavikko, Eeva Lehtonen, Sari Luostarinen, Sami Majaniemi, Päivi Malmi, Mika Naumanen, Jukka-Pekka Ovaska, Liisa Pesonen, Janne Pesu, Henri Pitkänen, Jussi Pokki, Milja Räisänen, Jani Salminen, Svetlana Sapon, Eero Siivola, Jaana Sorvari, Hannu Tanner, Hannamaija Tuovila, Teuvo Uusitalo, Kristiina Valtanen, Tommi Kauppila 2022

Unpacking “Sense of Place” and “Place-making” in Organization Studies: A Toolkit for Place-sensitive Research

Mélodie Cartel, Ewald Kibler, M. Tina Dacin 2022 Journal of Applied Behavioral Science

Data-induced Rationality and Unitary Spaces in Interfirm Collaboration

Katharina Cepa, Henri Schildt 2022 Organization Science

Dogmatic, instrumental and paradoxical frames: A pragmatic research framework for studying organizational sustainability


The Measurement and Communication of Effect Sizes in Management Research

Carl F. Fey, Tianyou Hu, Andrew Delios 2022 Management and Organization Review

A discourse of virtue: how poor women entrepreneurs justify their activities in the context of moderate Islam

Carmelita Ginting-Carlström, Myrto Chliova 2022 Entrepreneurship and Regional Development

Giving colour to emotions in entrepreneurship

Bernadetta Ginting-Szczesny 2022 Journal of Business Venturing Insights
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Johanna Moisander

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