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Management Science

Management Science deals with the application of advanced analytical methods to help make better decisions. The terms operations research and business analytics are sometimes used as synonyms for management science.
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Management Science covers a wide range of problem-solving and mathematical modelling techniques that help managers to improve decision-making and efficiency.

Examples of these techniques are econometrics, mathematical optimization, simulation, data analytics, statistics, and decision analysis. These techniques are widely applied in areas such as finance, risk management, economics, strategic management, international business, logistics and quality management.

Past and current research topics

  • Large-scale optimization and evolutionary computation
  • Statistical natural language processing and semantic text analysis
  • Portfolio decision analysis and resource allocation models
  • Performance, productivity and efficiency analysis (learn more)
  • Multiple criteria decision making and support (learn more)
  • Behavioral decision theory and support
  • Quantitative marketing; consumer preferences and pricing

Professional societies

Eeva Vilkkumaa
Assistant Professor

Juuso Liesiö
Associate Professor

Pekka Malo
Assistant Professor    

Timo Kuosmanen

Jyrki Wallenius
Professor (Emeritus) 

Markku Kallio
Professor (Emeritus) 

Pekka Korhonen
Professor (Emeritus) 

Merja Halme
Senior Fellow  

Tomi Seppälä
Senior Fellow 

Lauri Viitasaari

Panu Erästö
University Lecturer   

Andrei Vedernikov
Doctoral Candidate

Antti Suominen
Doctoral Candidate

Ellie Dillon
Doctoral Candidate

Dai Sheng
Doctoral Candidate 

Peng Xu
Doctoral Candidate

Philipp Back
Doctoral Candidate 

Lauri Neuvonen
Doctoral Candidate

Leena Tanner

Lina Siltala-Li
Doctoral Candidate

Sergey Gritsyuk
Postdoctoral researcher

Taeyong Kee
Doctoral Candidate

Teemu Seeve
Doctoral Candidate 

Tuan Anh Nguyen
Doctoral Candidate

Xun Zhou

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