Department of Industrial Engineering and Management

Project Business


The PB research group examines projects in their wider business contexts, beyond traditional single project management. Research topics include, among others, the management of global projects, strategic and result-oriented project management, portfolio and stakeholder management and performance measurement in project business, and project sales and marketing.

Affiliated professor: Karlos Artto


Artto K., Martinsuo M., Kujala J., 2011. Project business. Helsinki, Finland,, (ISBN 978-952-92-8535-8) (Pdf, 340 pages)

Artto K., Martinsuo M., Kujala J., 2006 (2. painos: 2008). Projektiliiketoiminta. WSOY, Helsinki, , (ISBN 978-952-92-8534-1) (Pdf, 420 pages)

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