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Doctoral studies at the department

The deparment's research focus areas on strategy and venturing, operations and service management, and entrepreneurial leadership offer our doctoral students a wide selection of research opportunities, paradigms and methodology for their dissertation research.
Student lying on snow, making stars. Photo by Aalto University / Unto Rautio
Photo: Aalto University / Unto Rautio

Aiming for top careers in academia and industry

The doctoral studies prepare our doctoral students for academic careers to conduct world class research and teaching as well as for expert positions in the department's research fields, industries and in the public sector.

Our internationally acknowledged research and close connections to diverse industries are the foundations of our teaching. We typically encourage doctoral students to participate in teaching of under-graduate and graduate courses along with their research in order to build their capabilities for potential future academic careers.

Our academic placements include among others Stanford University, Imperial College Business School, University of Southern California, IE Business School, Rotterdam School of Management, McGill University, Sungkyunkwan University, and Erasmus University.

Applying for and conducting doctoral studies at DIEM

Courses for doctoral students

We organize methods courses, various field-specific courses, and research seminars for our doctoral students. Below you can see the current course portfolio, which is annually updated depending on needs of students and possible visiting faculty members. 

In addition to the courses organized by the department, theoretical studies may include doctoral and graduate-level courses taken in other schools and departments at Aalto University or other universities. For example, doctoral courses and seminars organized at the Aalto University School of Business have been popular among the department's doctoral students. Several doctoral courses and seminars are also organized jointly by the department's faculty and the faculty from the School of Business.

Doctoral students from other universities (outside Aalto University) are welcome to attend Aalto University courses either via flexible study right (JOO studies) or by applying non-degree study right (15€/ECTS). More information on flexible study right (JOO studies) and non-degree studies: Sari Salmisuo, [email protected].

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Doctoral Theses

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