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Applying for and conducting doctoral studies at DIEM

Full-time and part-time doctoral studies
DIEM doctoral studie

Applying for doctoral studies at the Department of Industrial Engineering and Management (DIEM) in Aalto University’s School of Science (SCI) requires the support and willingness to act as supervisor from at least one of the professors in the department. Oftentimes also a second supervisor is assigned either from the start of or during doctoral studies. Interested doctoral student applicants are encouraged to reach out to one of the department professors before applying.

Doctoral studies in industrial engineering and management are a part of Aalto Doctoral Programme in Science. Full-time study rights can be applied for once a month (except not in July). Please note that a part-time study right can be applied for only in March and in September. Applications submitted in March will be discussed in the SCI Doctoral Programme Committee meeting in May and applications submitted in September will be discussed in the November meeting.

In the SCI doctoral program application process, also the Doctoral Studies Committee of DIEM will evaluate the applications. Applicants with outstanding study performance – master’s degree completed with an average grade of 4.0 (out of 5) and above (excluding the master’s thesis, i.e. the weighted average of the courses) and a master’s thesis with the grade of 5/5 (excellent) – and strong prerequisites to pursue their doctoral studies (including an adequate funding plan) are prioritized.

Full-time doctoral studies

Full-time doctoral students can complete the doctoral degree in 4 years. Full-time students have either funding from the department or fund their studies through research projects, industry funding, or grants. Students should discuss funding primarily with their supervising professor.

DIEM has around 45 full-time doctoral students. Annually, 3-6 new full time funded doctoral student positions are opened. Calls for applications are announced two times per year, one in October with deadline in the end of November and one in March with deadline in the end of April. In addition separate calls for dedicated research project funded doctoral student positions are announced from time to time.

Please, check the available open positions

Part-time doctoral studies

DIEM also has an active group of part-time doctoral students. Part-time doctoral students typically pursue their studies alongside work. They can also get a visitor status at the department or come ad hoc during daytime to work in the department hot desk areas. In addition to courses and seminars, DIEM organizes social events and professional development activities for full-time and part-time doctoral students.

Students with grants for their studies and/or thesis writing, can apply for a visitor status to spend time working at the department.

DIEM doctoral studies

Applying for and conducting doctoral studies in School of Science (SCI)

Please, find more information: Aalto Doctoral Programme in Science

Contact information

DIEM Supervising professors Supervising professors
Questions regarding applications SCI Doctoral Programme in Science
Coordinator of doctoral studies at DIEM Jani-Pekka Jokinen, Academic coordinator, Postdoctoral researcher
DIEM visitor status applications and support regarding visits hr-diem(at)
Responsible professor of DIEM doctoral education Markku Maula, Professor, Vice head of Department (Research)
DIEM Doctoral Study Committee Markku Maula Kari Tanskanen, and Niina Nurmi
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