Department of Film (ELO)

The Expanded Scenography research group

The research group was initiated in 2015 for developing the artistic research and practice in the 'scenographic' field in change.
photo scenography

The group members are Professor DA Liisa Ikonen ([email protected]), Postdoctoral researcher DA Maiju Loukola and Lecturer in Scenography DA Elina Lifländer.

The research group's first international output took place in the Venice Biennal 2017 Research pavilion #2, as their artistic research project "Night Pieces" was accepted in the VB17 Research pavilion's discursive program in 17–27 August 2017.

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Floating Peripheries starting, Expanded Scenography in Venice

A new research project “Floating Peripheries – Mediating the Sense of Place” has started. This four-year project is funded by the Academy of Finland and it is an collaboration between Department of Film, Television and Scenography, Department of Art and University of Lapland.  

This artistic research project aims at enlarging the understanding of ‘peripheries’ into areas that are difficult to verbalize. Peripheries are conventionally conceived as marginal geographical locations, whereas this project grasps peripheries as an ambiguous and multifaceted phenomenon – as a conceptual domains, aesthetically and spatially experienced sensory spheres, states of mind shaped by complex associations and mental images, and activities enabled by digitalization. We aim at producing radically new strategies for unraveling the spatial and conceptual hierarchies and biased assumptions of what and where the ‘periphery’ is in relation to the ‘center’.

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