Department of Film (ELO)

Critical Cinema Lab

The Lab hosts a project Images of Harmony and Rupture - Documentary Film Reflecting Fractures in the Scandinavian Welfare State Ethos. It is funded by the Kone Foundation and headed by Professor Susanna Helke. DAs Jouko Aaltonen and Timo Korhonen work as postdoctoral researchers.
Reetta Huhtanen: Economic Forecasters (2015)

Critical Cinema Lab is a film-practice-led and artistic research entity which fuses theory and practice of filmmaking in order to catalyze new forms of cinema and new ways in which cinema can connect with audiences beyond the mere commercial emotion economy. The core objective of CCL is to experiment with how cinema in its myriad forms – fictional, documentary, experimental, interactive or any hybrid combination of these – can make visible and experiential the ethical, social, political or ecological complexities of our time.  Cinema is seen as an elastic art form echoing the urgencies of the historical moment in which we live in. The CCL brings together filmmaker-theorists, doctoral students and MA students committed to experiment and theorize within and in relation to their artistic work.​

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