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Aalto University Department of Film


Main offices are located in VÄRE Building, E-wing, Otaniementie 14 and in Aalto Studios Otakaari 7, 02150 ESPOO.
Staff is working all over the Campus area. Switchboard helps you to find personnel if needed.
Personal profiles and contact information are found in  You can find ACRIS-listing in the bottom of this page.

Switchboard: +358 9 47001
email-addresses: [email protected]

BA students are found in Otakaari 1 and MA students in Väre Building, 1st floor.

School of Arts, Design and Architecture by Sari Dhima


Otaniementie 14
School of Arts, Design and Architecture


Department Management

Head of the Department 
Lecturer Anna Heiskanen

Head of Education in the Department
Associate Professor Pietari Koskinen

Head of Research in the Department
Associate Professor, Film Research Susanna Helke

Head of the Master's program in Film and Television
Associate Professor Pietari Koskinen

Head of the Master's program in Design for Theatre, Film, and Television
Professor, Artistic Practices Liisa Ikonen

Majors in Film and Television

Documentary Film,
Professor of Practise Arturo Delgado Pereira
Lecturer Salla Sorri
Assistant Niko Väistö

Film Editing
Professor of Practices Anne Lakanen
University Teacher Tuuli Alanärä
Workshop Master (post-production) Jussi Lohijoki

Professor, Artistic Practices Raija Talvio
Senior University Lecturer Marja-Riitta Koivumäki
Assistant Hannu-Pekka Peltomaa

Associate Professor Saara Saarela
Lecturer Hanna Maylett
Executive in Residence Sakari Kirjavainen until 14th of June 2020
Assistant Hannu-Pekka Peltomaa

Film and Television Producing
Professor of Practice Miia Haavisto
Lecturer Anna Heiskanen
Producer Ilkka Mertsola
Assistant Hannu-Pekka Peltomaa

Associate Professor Rauno Ronkainen
Lecturer Jonathan Harvey
Assistant Jesse Jalonen

Sound Design
Associate Professor Pietari Koskinen
Lecturer Patrick Boullenger
Assistant Joonatan Turkki

Film History
Adjunct Professor, Film History and Theory, Olaf Möller
University Lecturer, Film History, Theory, and Research Ph.D. Satu Kyösola

Executive in Residence Tuula Leinonen

Design for Theatre, Film, and Television

Scenography - joint studies
Lecturer in Digital Design Methods in Film, Television and Theatre, Teemu Määttänen
Workshop Master Jyri Lahelma
Assistant Bea-Stina Tornberg

Production design
Professor, Artistic practices, Kaisa Mäkinen
Lecturer Kimmo Turunen
Assistant Bea-Stina Tornberg

Professor, Artistic Practices, Design for the Performing Arts, Liisa Ikonen
Lecturer Elina Lifländer
Assistant Bea-Stina Tornberg

Costume Design
Associate Professor Sofia Pantouvaki
University Lecturer Merja Väisänen
Workshop Master Johanna Ilmarinen
Assistant Bea-Stina Tornberg

Other staff,

Postdoctoral Researcher Maiju Loukola (Research, Scenography)
Doctoral Candidate Katja Lautamatti (Research)
Coordinator Saara Toivanen (Festival Office)
Project Manager Kirsi Reinola (Action! -Project)
Project researcher Nina Maskulin (Action! -Project)
HR coordinator Ilona Kallio
Controller Robert Rahkonen
Project Controller Esther Saraste
Study Coordinator Ilona Virtanen, MA studies, ELO-University of the Arts/Theatre Academy collaboration 
Study Coordinator Sanna Väisänen, BA studies
Planning Officer Tuuli Asunmaa, Design for Theater, Film, and Television
Planning Officer, Leadership Support Services, Jonna Utriainen

ACRIS Listing:

Heidi Grundström

Department of Film

Harri Laakso

Professori (Associate professor)

Ilkka Mertsola

Tuottaja, elokuva-ja tv-tuotanto

Pietari Koskinen

Professori (Associate professor)

Sofia Pantouvaki

Professori (Associate professor)
Rauno Ronkainen

Rauno Ronkainen

Professori (Associate professor)

Raija Talvio

Professor (Artistic) Practices

Saara Saarela

Professori (Associate professor)
Kirsi Reinola

Kirsi Reinola

Department of Film

Arturo Delgado Pereira

Professori (Professor of Practice)

Nina Piritta Maskulin

Project researcher
Department of Film
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