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The Space Plasma Physics and Space Technology Group at the Aalto University is based on the Otaniemi campus in Espoo, West of Helsinki, Finland. The group belongs to the Department of Electronics and Nanoengineering as part of the School of Electrical Engineering (ELEC) of Aalto University.
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We specialise in the numerical modelling of space plasmas and their interactions with weakly magnetized bodies. We are also closely involved in space technology and instruments onboard several current space missions from the European Space Agency, such as Rosetta, Mars Express, Venus Express, or the upcoming BepiColombo and JUICE missions. The modelling tools we develop serve as state-of-the-art interpreters of the complex interactions between solar wind particles and the studied solar system object.

Space Physics group is part of the Department of Electronics and Nanoengineering, Aalto University. The group is located in the Maarintie 8 building.

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Group members

Latest publications

Ultra-low Frequency Foreshock Waves and Ion Dynamics at Mars

Riku Järvinen, Esa Kallio, Tuija Pulkkinen 2022 Journal of geophysical research: Space physics

Non-thermal escape of the Martian CO 2 atmosphere over time

H.I.M. Lichtenegger, Sergey Dyadechkin, Manuel Scherf, H. Lammer, Raven Adam, Esa Kallio, Ute Amerstorfer, Riku Järvinen 2022 Icarus

Low-emittance copper-coating system using atomic-layer-deposited aluminum oxide

Leo Nyman, Jiří Frolec, Marko Pudas, Tomáš Králík, Věra Musilová, Esa Kallio 2022 Thin Solid Films

SISPO: Space Imaging Simulator for Proximity Operations

Mihkel Pajusalu, Iaroslav Iakubivskyi, Gabriel Jörg Schwarzkopf, Olli Knuuttila, Timo Väisänen, Maximilian Bührer, Mario F. Palos, Hans Teras, Guillaume Le Bonhomme, Jaan Praks, Andris Slavinskis 2022 PloS one

Solar Orbiter Data-Model Comparison in Venus' Induced Magnetotail

Katerina Stergiopoulou, Riku Jarvinen, David J. Andrews, Niklas J.T. Edberg, Andrew P. Dimmock, Esa Kallio, Yuri Khotyaintsev 2022

Plasma-neutral gas interactions in various space environments: Assessment beyond simplified approximations as a Voyage 2050 theme

Masatoshi Yamauchi, Johan De Keyser, George Parks, Shin ichiro Oyama, Peter Wurz, Takumi Abe, Arnaud Beth, Ioannis A. Daglis, Iannis Dandouras, Malcolm Dunlop, Pierre Henri, Nickolay Ivchenko, Esa Kallio, Harald Kucharek, Yong C.M. Liu, Ingrid Mann, Octav Marghitu, Georgios Nicolaou, Zhaojin Rong, Takeshi Sakanoi, Joachim Saur, Manabu Shimoyama, Satoshi Taguchi, Feng Tian, Takuo Tsuda, Bruce Tsurutani, Drew Turner, Thomas Ulich, Andrew Yau, Ichiro Yoshikawa 2022 Experimental Astronomy

Dayside Transient Phenomena and Their Impact on the Magnetosphere and Ionosphere

Hui Zhang, Qiugang Zong, Hyunju Connor, Peter Delamere, Gábor Facskó, Desheng Han, Hiroshi Hasegawa, Esa Kallio, Árpád Kis, Guan Le, Bertrand Lembège, Yu Lin, Terry Liu, Kjellmar Oksavik, Nojan Omidi, Antonius Otto, Jie Ren, Quanqi Shi, David Sibeck, Shutao Yao 2022 Space Science Reviews

Newly Digitized Data From Scandinavian Magnetometer Array Network Shows Large Regional Differences in Magnetic Environment

O. Kärhä, E. I. Tanskanen 2022 Journal of geophysical research: Space physics

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S. Orsini, S. A. Livi, H. Lichtenegger, S. Barabash, A. Milillo, E. De Angelis, M. Phillips, G. Laky, M. Wieser, A. Olivieri, C. Plainaki, G. Ho, R. M. Killen, J. A. Slavin, P. Wurz, J. J. Berthelier, I. Dandouras, E. Kallio, S. McKenna-Lawlor, S. Szalai, K. Torkar, O. Vaisberg, F. Allegrini, I. A. Daglis, C. Dong, C. P. Escoubet, S. Fatemi, M. Fränz, S. Ivanovski, N. Krupp, H. Lammer, François Leblanc, V. Mangano, A. Mura, H. Nilsson, J. M. Raines, R. Rispoli, M. Sarantos, H. T. Smith, K. Szego, A. Aronica, F. Camozzi, A. M. Di Lellis, G. Fremuth, F. Giner, R. Gurnee, J. Hayes, M. Holmström, M. Oja, W. Schmidt 2021 Space Science Reviews

GAUSS-genesis of asteroids and evolution of the solar system A sample return mission to Ceres

Xian Shi, Julie Castillo-Rogez, Henry Hsieh, Hejiu Hui, Wing-Huen Ip, Hanlun Lei, Jian-Yang Li, Federico Tosi, Liyong Zhou, Jessica Agarwal, Antonella Barucci, Pierre Beck, Adriano Campo Bagatin, Fabrizio Capaccioni, Andrew J. Coates, Gabriele Cremonese, Rene Duffard, Manuel Grande, Ralf Jaumann, Geraint H. Jones, Esa Kallio, Yangting Lin, Olivier Mousis, Andreas Nathues, Jurgen Oberst, Holger Sierks, Stephan Ulamec, Mingyuan Wang 2021 Experimental Astronomy
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