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Mobile Robotics

Mobile Robotics group focuses on enabling autonomous physical agents to safely, successfully, and legibly operate in dynamic environments shared with humans.
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Our research vision is to enable mobile robots to a long term operation in ever changing reality alongside with humans. On our way to this goal we study and develop methods for building robotics maps reaching beyond the mere geometry and leverage them to the advantage of planning.

The Mobile Robotics group conducts research along two interlocking research directions.

Mapping in dynamic environments

Change and motion are inherent features of the reality. Thus assumption, that only the static parts of the environment are worth maintaining substantially limits the amount of information available to the robot. Therefore we focus on exploring ways to capture represent and maintain accurate spatio-temporal models of dynamics.

Robust navigation in dynamic environments

Robotic navigation aims at answering three questions: where am I? where am I going? How should I get there?  Mobile Robotics group aim at answering these questions for dynamic and changing environments in vicinity of people. Thus focusing on such aspects as reliability and dynamic awareness.

The group is led by Assistant Professor Tomasz Kucner.

Tomasz Kucner

Tomasz Kucner

Assistant Professor
Department of Electrical Engineering and Automation
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