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The focus areas of the research in our group is on various aspects of information technology applications in industrial automation. We are investigating enablers of future smart factories, commonly known as 4th industrial revolution or Industry 4.0. We are leading the development of Aalto Factory of the Future demonstrator.

Among topics of interest are:

  1. How future factories will be controlled by networks of wirelessly connected microcomputers, especially how software for such networks is going to be developed. Complexity of software development in industry is so great which makes researchers looking for methods of plug-and-play software composition or its automatic generation
  2. Application of artificial intelligence techniques for recognition of dangerous situations, or predictions of various uncertainties in industrial environments.
  3. Virtual twins of industrial systems, such as simulation models of processes and entire plants. Future factories will also require higher degree of safety and security, which can be achieved by applying modern methods of behaviour analysis based on the use of high computational power of modern computers.

Recently the group has invested heavily into energy automation. The main focus is on the Internet of Energy - the IT enabled energy production and exchange infrastructure based on prosumers. Smart grid research interests are multi-agent control and security and integration of applications such as smart lighting. We also research about safety of current and future energy systems, including nuclear automation.

We are involved in research projects funded by Academy of Finland, Business Finland, European Union, Finnish Nuclear Waste Management Fund (VYR), and other funding organisations. The group collaborates with many research partners around the globe

The leader of the group is Professor Valeriy Vyatkin.



Valeriy Vyatkin - professor 
Tommi Karhela - visiting professor in computer simulation technology
Seppo Sierla   - university lecturer
Ilkka Seilonen - research scientist
Udayanto Atmojo - postdoctoral researcher
Igor Bushinskii - postdoctoral researcher
Pekka Aarnio - teaching researcher
Taneli Hölttä   - innovation advisor

Doctoral candidates

Polina Ovsiannikova

Ronal Bejarano Rodriguez

Mohammad Arash Azangoo

Uladzimir Miranovich

Graduated doctoral candidates:

Igor Buzhinskii   
Thesis: Combined use of formal methods for reliability assurance of safety-critical software systems

Christian Giovanelli
Thesis: Aggregating domestic energy storage resources to participate in frequency containment reserves

Gerardo Santillán Martínez
Thesis: Simulation-based digital twins of industrial process plants: A semi-automatic implementation approachOlli Kilkki
Thesis: Optimizing Demand Response of Aggregated Residential Energy Storages
Defended: 10/12/2018

Evgeny Nefedov
Thesis: Collaborative energy management systems: design and evaluation for intelligent buildings, electric vehicles and street lighting
Defended: 27/04/2018

Research Projects

Latest publications

Mirrorlabs - creating accessible Digital Twins of robotic production environment with Mixed Reality

Doris Aschenbrenner, Jonas Rieder, Danielle van Tol, Joris van Dam, Zoltan Rustak, Jan Blech, Mohammad Azangoo, Panu Salo, Karl Kruusamae, Houman Masnavi, Igor Rybalskii, Alvo Aabloo, Marcelo Petry, Gustavo Teixeira, Bastian Thiede, Paolo Pedrazzoli, Andrea Ferrario, Michele Foletti, Matteo Confalonieri, Daniele Bertaggia, Thodoris Togias, Sotiris Makris 2021 Proceedings of the IEEE International Conference on Artificial Intelligence and Virtual Reality, AIVR 2020

Model checking reveals design issues leading to spurious actuation of nuclear instrumentation and control systems

Antti Pakonen, I. Buzhinsky, K. Björkman 2021 Reliability Engineering and System Safety

A plug and produce-inspired approach in distributed control architecture

Udayanto Dwi Atmojo, Jan Olaf Blech, Valeriy Vyatkin 2020 Proceedings of the 2020 IEEE International Conference on Industrial Technology, ICIT 2020

A service-oriented programming approach for dynamic distributed manufacturing systems

Udayanto Dwi Atmojo, Zoran Salcic, Kevin I-Kai Wang, Valeriy Vyatkin 2020 IEEE Transactions on Industrial Informatics

Digital Twins for Manufacturing Using UML and Behavioral Specifications

Mohammad Azangoo, Amir Taherkordi, Jan Olaf Blech 2020 Proceedings of the 25th IEEE International Conference on Emerging Technologies and Factory Automation, ETFA 2020

Towards a 3D Scanning/VR-based Product Inspection Station

Mohammad Azangoo, Jan Olaf Blech, Udayanto Dwi Atmojo, Valeriy Vyatkin, Kamal Dhakal, Mikael Eriksson, Miika Lehtimäki, Jonathan Leinola, Pyry Pietarila 2020 Proceedings of the 25th IEEE International Conference on Emerging Technologies and Factory Automation, ETFA 2020

Towards formal monitoring of workpieces in agile manufacturing

Mohammad Azangoo, Jan Olaf Blech, Udayanto Dwi Atmojo 2020 Proceedings of the 2020 IEEE International Conference on Industrial Technology, ICIT 2020

Assessing Long Distance Communication Alternatives for the Remote Control of AGVs

Ronal Bejarano, Roope Pääkkönen, Jan Olaf Blech, Ian Peake, Peter Herrmann, Valeriy Vyatkin 2020 Proceedings of the 25th IEEE International Conference on Emerging Technologies and Factory Automation, ETFA 2020

Modular model of a data centre as a tool for improving its energy efficiency

Yulia Berezovskaya, Chen-Wei Yang, Arash Mousavi, Valeriy Vyatkin, Tor Bjorn Minde 2020 IEEE Access

Towards Multi-Agent Control in Energy-Efficient Data Centres

Yulia Berezovskaya, Chen-Wei Yang, Valeriy Vyatkin 2020 Proceedings of the 46th Annual Conference of the IEEE Industrial Electronics Society, IECON 2020
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