Department of Electrical Engineering and Automation

Health technology

The work of the group focuses on non-invasive monitoring of body, especially cardiovascular system, body composition and cognitive functions. The health technology projects utilize a range of disciplines - from medicine, medical engineering, nursing care and biology, to information technology.
Health technology

The group has developed a multimodal measurement station for registering noninvasively and
simultaneously the main cardiovascular functions, such as EKG, blood pressure variations, BKG, blood oxygen saturation and breathing. Body electrical loss analysis (BELA), a new electromagnetic method and its feasibility for assessing body composition, is studied to more accurately find out the harmful intra-abdominal fat.

The group is also active in novel methods for rehabilitation of stroke patients in collaboration with neuropsychologists; environments for stroke rehabilitation and diagnosis have been built. The goal of this development is to help the stroke patients to recover more effectively and to the full.

As a new opening the group is studying a tool for monitoring of vital signals remotely from a person in a confined space.

The group is led by Professor Ilkka Laakso.

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