Department of Electrical Engineering and Automation

Electromagnetics in Health Technology

The group develops computational methods for multi-physics modelling of the human body.
Electromagnetics in Health Technology

The research combines numerical analysis of electromagnetic fields with anatomical and functional modelling, having multidisciplinary applications in biomedical engineering (device development), clinical practice (diagnosis and rehabilitation), and neurosciences (brain research).

The first focus area of the research is developing computational tools for modelling non-invasive brain stimulation. In the future, the methods will help scientists to carefully craft stimulation protocols rather than relying on trial and error, improving the safety and efficacy of stimulation and allowing individually planned treatment.

The group also uses computer simulations to study the electromagnetic safety of new technologies and aid the development of novel health care applications .

The research group is led by Assistant Professor Ilkka Laakso.

Latest publications

Is activation of the vestibular system by electromagnetic induction a possibility in an MRI context?

Nicolas Bouisset, Janita Nissi, Ilkka Laakso, Raymond F. Reynolds, Alexandre Legros 2024 Bioelectromagnetics

Small effects of electric field on motor cortical excitability following anodal tDCS

Ilkka Laakso, Keisuke Tani, Jose Gomez-Tames, Akimasa Hirata, Satoshi Tanaka 2024 iScience

Thresholds and mechanisms of human magnetophosphene perception induced by low frequency sinusoidal magnetic fields

Alexandre Legros, Janita Nissi, Ilkka Laakso, Joan Duprez, Robert Kavet, Julien Modolo 2024 Brain Stimulation

Predicting the hotspot location and motor threshold prior to transcranial magnetic stimulation using electric field modelling

Noora Matilainen, Juhani Kataja, Ilkka Laakso 2024 Physics in Medicine and Biology

Verification of neuronavigated TMS accuracy using structured-light 3D scans

Noora Matilainen, Juhani Kataja, Ilkka Laakso 2024 Physics in Medicine and Biology

Quantifying the Influence of X-Ray Irradiation on Cell-Size-Scale Viscoelasticity of Collagen Type 1

Väinö Mikael Mäntylä, Arttu Juhani Lehtonen, Vesa Korhonen, Linda Srbova, Juho Pokki 2024 Journal of biomechanical engineering : transactions of the ASME

Measuring mechanical cues for modeling the stromal matrix in 3D cell cultures

Linda Srbova, Ossi Arasalo, Arttu J. Lehtonen, Juho Pokki 2024 Soft Matter

Intercomparison of the averaged induced electric field in learning-based human head models exposed to low-frequency magnetic fields

Yinliang Diao, Essam A. Rashed, Luca Giaccone, Ilkka Laakso, Congsheng Li, Riccardo Scorretti, Yoichi Sekiba, Kenichi Yamazaki, Akimasa Hirata 2023 IEEE Access

Fibrin Stiffness Regulates Phenotypic Plasticity of Metastatic Breast Cancer Cells

Maria Heilala, Arttu Lehtonen, Ossi Arasalo, Aino Peura, Juho Pokki, Olli Ikkala, Juha Klefström, Pauliina M. Munne 2023 Advanced Healthcare Materials

Tunable Dual-Band High Impedance Coil for Wireless Power Transfer Applications

Ali Jabbari, Constantin Simovski, Masoud S.M. Mollaei 2023 IEEE Transactions on Antennas and Propagation
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