Department of Electrical Engineering and Automation

Electromagnetics in Health Technology

The group develops computational methods for multi-physics modelling of the human body.
Electromagnetics in Health Technology

The research combines numerical analysis of electromagnetic fields with anatomical and functional modelling, having multidisciplinary applications in biomedical engineering (device development), clinical practice (diagnosis and rehabilitation), and neurosciences (brain research).

The first focus area of the research is developing computational tools for modelling non-invasive brain stimulation. In the future, the methods will help scientists to carefully craft stimulation protocols rather than relying on trial and error, improving the safety and efficacy of stimulation and allowing individually planned treatment.

The group also uses computer simulations to study the electromagnetic safety of new technologies and aid the development of novel health care applications .

The research group is led by Assistant Professor Ilkka Laakso.

Group members

Arttu Lehtonen

Doctoral Candidate

Juho Pokki

Research Fellow

Latest publications

Characterizing Aptamers with Reconfigurable Chiral Plasmonic Assemblies

Yike Huang, Minh Kha Nguyen, Vu Hoang Nguyen, Jacky Loo, Arttu J. Lehtonen, Anton Kuzyk 2022 Langmuir

Magneto- and electrophosphene thresholds in the retina: a dosimetry modeling study

Janita Nissi, Ilkka Laakso 2022 Physics in Medicine and Biology

DNA‐Engineered Hydrogels with Light‐Adaptive Plasmonic Responses

Joonas Ryssy, Arttu Lehtonen, Jacky Loo, Kha Nguyen, Jani Seitsonen, Yike Huang, Badri Narauanen Narasimhan, Juho Pokki-Riikonen, Anton Kuzyk, Sesha Manuguri 2022 Advanced Functional Materials

The Effect of Inter-pulse Interval on TMS Motor Evoked Potentials in Active Muscles

Noora Matilainen, Marco Soldati, Ilkka Laakso 2022 FRONTIERS IN HUMAN NEUROSCIENCE

Ecg localization method based on volume conductor model and kalman filtering

Yuki Nakano, Essam A. Rashed, Tatsuhito Nakane, Ilkka Laakso, Akimasa Hirata 2021 Sensors

Magnetic probe-based microrheology reveals local softening and stiffening of 3D collagen matrices by fibroblasts

Juho Pokki, Iliana Zisi, Ester Schulman, Dhiraj Indana, Ovijit Chaudhuri 2021 Biomedical Microdevices

A 50 Hz magnetic field affects hemodynamics, ECG and vascular endothelial function in healthy adults

Hideyuki Okano, Akikatsu Fujimura, Tsukasa Kondo, Ilkka Laakso, Hiromi Ishiwatari, Keiichi Watanuki 2021 PloS one

A probabilistic transcranial magnetic stimulation localization method

Juhani Kataja, Marco Soldati, Noora Matilainen, Ilkka Laakso 2021 JOURNAL OF NEURAL ENGINEERING

Human exposure to radiofrequency energy above 6 GHz

Akimasa Hirata, Sachiko Kodera, Kensuke Sasaki, Jose Gomez-Tames, Ilkka Laakso, Andrew Wood, Soichi Watanabe, Kenneth R. Foster 2021 Physics in Medicine and Biology
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