Ossi Pietari Arasalo

Doctoral Researcher
Doctoral Researcher
T410 Dept. Electrical Engineering and Automation
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  • Electromagnetics in Health Technology, Doctoral Researcher


Measuring mechanical cues for modeling the stromal matrix in 3D cell cultures

Linda Srbova, Ossi Arasalo, Arttu J. Lehtonen, Juho Pokki 2024

Fibrin Stiffness Regulates Phenotypic Plasticity of Metastatic Breast Cancer Cells

Maria Heilala, Arttu Lehtonen, Ossi Arasalo, Aino Peura, Juho Pokki, Olli Ikkala, Juha Klefström, Pauliina M. Munne 2023

Distributed hybrid-indexing of compressed pan-genomes for scalable and fast sequence alignment

Altti Ilari Maarala, Ossi Arasalo, Daniel Valenzuela, Veli Mäkinen, Keijo Heljanko 2021

Scalable Reference Genome Assembly from Compressed Pan-Genome Index with Spark

Altti Ilari Maarala, Ossi Arasalo, Daniel Valenzuela, Keijo Heljanko, Veli Mäkinen 2020 Big Data – BigData 2020 - 9th International Conference, Held as Part of the Services Conference Federation, SCF 2020, Proceedings