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Intimacy in Data Driven Culture (IDA) -2nd phase (2022 -2025)

Experimental methods for studying the effects of digitalization.

IDA develops experimental methods for studying the effects of digitalization from everyday life to professional lives, as well as data leakages. IDA advances open, socially sustainable solutions for collecting, sharing, managing, and using data. At Aalto ARTS researchers focus on Intimacy, Work and Design the ways in which data-driven culture has given shape to new forms of creative labour and overlaps between different fields, e.g. game and fashion designers. During the first phase, the project focused on the effects of digitalization and datafication to work of designers. The project noted a significant gap between work life and design education. This led to focus on the needs, challenges, and opportunities of fashion education with the expansion of digitalization during the second phase.

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Funding: Academy of Finland - Strategic Research Council


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