Department of Computer Science

Distributed Systems Group

Distributed Systems Group studies software technologies for open, loosely-coupled, heterogeneous, and dynamic distributed systems such as traffic and traveling, building projects, smart spaces, and mobile systems.
Aalto-yliopisto, liput / kuvaaja: Aino Huovio

These problems domains are characterized by large amounts of data and largevarieties of actors with different capabilities and interests. The essential problems are:

  1. Inter-relating heterogeneous data originating from different sources, at the levels of
    • types (semantics) 
    • instances (linking)
  2. Efficient processing of time-varying data in large
    • datasets (diff computation)
    • streams (event processing).

The researched of the group has focused on two particular technologies:

  1. Complex event processing – How to efficiently detect complex event patterns? The group works on incremental matching algorithms (especially Rete), their implementation in a distributed environment, and their performance with large data volumes and high data frequencies.
  2. Web of Data/Linked Data - How to make manage inter-related time-varying models as Linked Data, for instance, in the field of BIM (Building Information Modeling)? How to represent streaming data in RDF enabling semantic descriptions and linking to background data, for instance, in the domain of traffic and traveling?
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