Lukas Ahrenberg

Lukas Ahrenberg


Time flies like an arrow; fruit flies like a banana.


Currently working on: Automated software synthesis.

Research Interests (in no particular order): Computing; Program synthesis; Theory of computing; Computation as a physical process; Dynamical systems; Simulation of physical and societal processes; Practice and theory of programming; Philosophy of computing; Cultural, economic, and social impacts of computing. And so on - my interest in a subject is almost inversely proportional to my grasp of it - which means that I'm almost infinitely interested in a lot of things.

Previous topics: Complex systems modelling, Operations research for HIV-epidemiology, Algorithms in digital and computer-generated holography, Computer vision, Simulation of diffuse scattering for crystallography, Computer graphics.


Academia: Simon Fraser University, University of Zurich, University of British Columbia, National University of Ireland Maynooth, Max-Planck-Institut Informatik, Uppsala University