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Algorithms and Theoretical Computer Science

Fundamental methods and mathematics of computation.
Algorithms and theoretical computer science, illustration Matti Ahlgren/Aalto University

Theoretical computer science studies the fundamental methods and mathematics of computation: the design of efficient algorithms, models and frameworks for computing, and the resource requirements of computational tasks.

Research topics: algebraic algorithms, approximation algorithms, combinatorial optimization, cryptography, Security & Complexity, distributed and parallel computing, natural computation, parameterized algorithms.

For more information on our research, please see the homepage of Theoretical Computer Science group.

Professor Paler infront of the Comptuer Science department

Alexandru Paler: Creating software for quantum computers

The newest professor to join the department of computer science tells us about how, when you cut through all the hype, quantum computing is full of interesting challenges that unites diverse fields

Piirroskuva ihmisestä digimaailmassa, piirros: Sanni Wessman

The builders of digital trust

A society gone online needs encrypters, white hats and appropriately suspicious citizens.

Sándor Kisfaludi-Bak started as an assistant professor at the Department of Computer Science in January.

Sándor Kisfaludi-Bak asks the tough questions through computational geometry

Sándor Kisfaludi-Bak started as assistant professor at the Department of Computer Science in January. He is looking forward to collaborative research and illuminating the beauty of computational geometry to students and colleagues alike.

Jukka Suomela Research Group

Aalto researchers awarded for an article showing that algorithms cannot match more effectively than they do now

Any method designed to find a matching is either slow or leads to a wrong solution

Voronoi Mona Lisa

Researchers at Aalto and Karolinska developed a microscope without a microscope

DNA microscopy makes it possible to view biological molecules on micro-level without expensive optics.

Jara Uitto sitting at Computer Science building, looking at the camera and wearing an orange t-shirt with a panda on it

Many practical issues are related to questions of theory – this steered Jara Uitto’s interest towards theoretical computer science

Even though theoretical computer science is – as its name suggests – theoretical, its connection to real-life questions is easy to draw, says Assistant Professor Jara Uitto.


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Latest publications

Distributed graph problems through an automata-theoretic lens

Yi Jun Chang, Jan Studený, Jukka Suomela 2023 Theoretical Computer Science

Computing Smallest Convex Intersecting Polygons

Antonios Antoniadis, Mark De Berg, Sándor Kisfaludi-Bak, Antonis Skarlatos 2022 30th Annual European Symposium on Algorithms, ESA 2022

Online search for a hyperplane in high-dimensional Euclidean space

Antonios Antoniadis, Ruben Hoeksma, Sándor Kisfaludi-Bak, Kevin Schewior 2022 Information Processing Letters

On the Approximability of the Traveling Salesman Problem with Line Neighborhoods

Antonios Antoniadis, Sándor Kisfaludi-Bak, Bundit Laekhanukit, Daniel Vaz 2022 18th Scandinavian Symposium and Workshops on Algorithm Theory, SWAT 2022

Tensor Network Complexity of Multilinear Maps

Per Austrin, Petteri Kaski, Kaie Kubjas 2022 THEORY OF COMPUTING

Efficient Classification of Locally Checkable Problems in Regular Trees

Alkida Balliu, Sebastian Brandt, Yi-Jun Chang, Dennis Olivetti, Jan Studený, Jukka Suomela 2022 36th International Symposium on Distributed Computing (DISC 2022)

Exponential Speedup over Locality in MPC with Optimal Memory

Alkida Balliu, Brandt Sebastian, Manuela Fischer, Rustam Latypov, Yannic Maus, Dennis Olivetti, Jara Uitto 2022 36th International Symposium on Distributed Computing (DISC 2022)

Locally checkable problems in rooted trees

Alkida Balliu, Sebastian Brandt, Yi Jun Chang, Dennis Olivetti, Jan Studený, Jukka Suomela, Aleksandr Tereshchenko 2022 DISTRIBUTED COMPUTING

Local Mending

Alkida Balliu, Juho Hirvonen, Darya Melnyk, Dennis Olivetti, Joel Rybicki, Jukka Suomela 2022 Structural Information and Communication Complexity - 29th International Colloquium, SIROCCO 2022, Proceedings

Formal Analysis of Lending Pools in Decentralized Finance

Massimo Bartoletti, James Chiang, Tommi Junttila, Alberto Lluch Lafuente, Massimiliano Mirelli, Andrea Vandin 2022 Leveraging Applications of Formal Methods, Verification and Validation. Adaptation and Learning - 11th International Symposium, ISoLA 2022, Proceedings
More information on our research in the Research database.
Research database

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Artistic illustration: Algorithms over a computer chip
PML research gropu at department of computer science, photo Matti Ahlgren

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