Department of Communications and Networking

Department of Communications and Networking

The Department of Communications and Networking (ComNet) carries out research in the areas of information and communications theory, communications and networking technology, and communications ecosystem.

ComNet combines the research traditions from electrical and communications engineering with computer science and economics.  With 11 tenure track professors and 5 other professors, ComNet is well positioned to approach research in communication and networking in a comprehensive fashion covering all the OSI layers from physical to applications.

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Our research focuses on the areas of information and communications theory, communications and networking technology, and communications ecosystem.

The Department of Communications and Networking is well-positioned to address the grand challenges in digitalisation, wireless internet and device usability in a comprehensive way – covering all the OSI layers from physical to applications and making impact to the society. One of the department’s special strengths is linking research with the Finnish and international business sector.

Wearable Computing & Ambient Intelligence

Mobile Cloud Computing

Professor Yu Xiao

Mobile Cloud Computing

Ambient Intelligence

Professor Stephan Sigg

Ambient Intelligence

Communications Ecosystem

Human Computer Interaction

Professor Antti Oulasvirta

User Interfaces

Mobile Communications and Networking

Internet technologies

Professor Jukka Manner

Aalto-yliopisto / laitekuva / kuvaaja: Linda Koskinen

Performance Analysis

Dr. Samuli Aalto

Server Cluster, constructed by Pasi Lassila


Professor Jarno Limnéll

Cyber Security

Wireless Communication, Information and Communications Theory

Information Theory

Professor Patric Östergård

Game picture

Communications Theory

Professor Olav Tirkkonen

Aalto University / Communications theory reserach group / picture: Aalto University

Communications Engineering

Professor Riku Jäntti, Head of Department

Communications Engineering

Wireless & Mobile Communications

Professor Jyri Hämäläinen, Dean

Radio Signal
Communication and networking, kuvaaja Unto Rautio

Research methodology and impact

The foundation for strategic research missions following grand research challenges that impact our society.

Department of Communications and Networking


The Department of Communications and Networking provides most of the courses of Communications Engineering (CE) major, which is one of the majors under the Master's Programme in Computer, Communication and Information Sciences. CE major gives a solid understanding of Internet technologies, wireless communications and communications ecosystems - from the perspective of concepts, technologies and methodologies.

Communications Engineering - Computer, Communication and Information Sciences, Master of Science (Technology)

Our world is digitally revolutionised, highlighting the increasing importance of internet technologies, wireless communication and communications ecosystems. The Master’s Programme in Computer, Communication and Information Sciences – Communications Engineering covers both theoretical fundamentals and the hottest hands-on applications of communications technology, including topics like 5G, IoT, machine learning, and cybersecurity. The study option consists of a hard technological core surrounded by human-centred behavioural economics and sciences.

Two Aalto University students working on a laptop together / photo by Unto Rautio

Become a doctoral student at the School of Electrical Engineering

Doctoral education will prepare you for the most demanding expert positions in your field in the academia, companies and public administration. Start here if you’re interested in doctoral studies!

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Close-up of curly wood grain orientation of an old piece of wood
Studies Published:

Online course “Wood material science” starts 10.1.2023

Learn 100% online how the structure of wood affects its physical and mechanical properties.
Aalto_University_campus_CS-building_8-12-2021_photo_Mikko_Raskinen_006 (1).jpg
Research & Art Published:

Energy efficiency is a key theme in new projects funded by the Academy of Finland

The projects develop a smart surface, energy-efficient observation systems, detection of disruptive behavior online, neuromorphic i.e. artificial intelligence equipment that works like a brain, high-performance photonics from wood, and reduce chip waste.
Amy Sidibé
Studies Published:
Internet of Senses
Cooperation, Research & Art Published:

Towards The Internet of Senses

The Internet of Senses (IoS) aims at providing comprehensive multisensory experiences that are nearly inseparable from reality and improve intelligent human-machine interaction.


Where to find us

Main parts of the department are located in Maarintie 8 and Konemiehentie 2, at Otaniemi Campus.

Maarintie 8

Maarintie 8

Maarintie 8

Head of department

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