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Performance in building design and construction

Multi-disciplinary Performance Research Group aims to transform the performance of the AEC industry through research. Because of increasing speed of technological and process development, the AEC industry has a huge opportunity for dramatic increases in the value of facilities for end users and increases of construction productivity.
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Industrial research impact

The sector has a key role in the economies of both developing and developed countries. Some of the technological and process advances include modularization, industrialized construction, Internet of Things, Big Data, virtual design and construction and lean construction. Additionally, there has been a great increase in the importance of issues related to energy efficiency and indoor air quality (IAQ) in public and private buildings.  The design and construction industry must change to harness the opportunity and to respond to the challenges. The mission of the research group is to come up with new knowledge to support the required transformation.

The research group includes a multidisciplinary group of seven professors related to various aspects of process and building performance.  The team is uniquely positioned to respond to the opportunity because there are great synergies between the different disciplines which have not previously been exploited. Performance of buildings and building projects have not often been investigated holistically throughout the lifecycle of the building. Rather, earlier research generally focusses on one performance aspect at the time, during one phase of the construction process. Longitudinal research from inception to demolition, considering all performance aspects, has been neglected, although cohort studies have been very successful in other fields, such as medicine and psychology.  The group plans to start longitudinal research on selected building projects, looking at all aspects of performance and how they are related to each other.  

Building 2030

The Building 2030 project envisions, researches and promotes a better future of construction.

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Building 2030

Latest publications

Multiple discrete crack initiation and propagation in Material Point Method

Tito Adibaskoro, Stéphane Bordas, Wojciech T. Sołowski, Simo Hostikka 2024 Engineering Fracture Mechanics

A quanta-independent approach for the assessment of strategies to reduce the risk of airborne infection

Amar Aganovic, Jarek Kurnitski, Pawel Wargocki 2024 Science of the Total Environment

Risks of climate change effects on renewable energy resources and the effects of their utilisation on the environment

N. Girgibo, E. Hiltunen, X. Lü, A. Mäkiranta, V. Tuomi 2024 Energy Reports

Prediction of burst pressure of corroded thin-walled pipeline elbows subjected to internal pressure

Changqing Gong, Shihua Guo, Rui Zhang, Dan M. Frangopol 2024 Thin-Walled Structures

Task planning and control in construction : revealing workers as early and late planners

Christopher Görsch, Olli Seppänen, Antti Peltokorpi, Rita Lavikka 2024 Construction Management and Economics

Finnish energy renovation subsidies in multifamily apartment buildings : Lessons learnt and best practices

Hatef Hajian, Petri Pylsy, Raimo Simson, Kaiser Ahmed, Paula Sankelo, Alo Mikola, Jarek Kurnitski 2024 Energy and Buildings

Toxicity Screening of Fungal Extracts and Metabolites, Xenobiotic Chemicals, and Indoor Dusts with In Vitro and Ex Vivo Bioassay Methods

Tuomas Hintikka, Aino Andersson, Taina Lundell, Tamás Marik, Laszlo Kredics, Raimo Mikkola, Magnus C. Andersson, Jarek Kurnitski, Heidi Salonen 2024 Pathogens

Liesipalojen syttyminen, vaikutukset ja ehkäisy

Simo Hostikka, Emmanuelle Castagnoli, Raimo Mikkola, Heidi Salonen, Tarique Jhatial, Rauli Törrö, Rahul Kallada Janardhan, Marjaleena Aatamila, Juha Laitinen, Marko Hassinen, Pekka Toivanen, Kalle Kiviranta, Laura Kuurne, Tarja Ojala, Jukka Lepistö 2024
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Research group members

Simo Hostikka

Professori (Associate professor)

Tuomas Alapieti

Postdoctoral Researcher

Raimo Simson

Postdoctoral Researcher

Iiro Vanne

Doctoral Researcher

Rui Zhang

Postdoctoral Researcher
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