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Geoengineering master's theses

Master's theses created within the Master's Programme in Geoengineering.

This page collects master's theses created by students of the Master's Programme in Geoengineering. The full archive of publicly available theses can be found at

Note that there is some delay before the thesis are available in the archive.


Students conduct geoengineering field exercises in Otaniemi.

Master's Programme in Geoengineering

As one of the highest ranking programmes in its field, the Master’s Programme in Geoengineering provides world-class education in the disciplines of geotechnical engineering, highway engineering and rock engineering. The programme has close links with the industry and offers the graduated geoengineers clear route to employment where they can play a key role in urbanisation and circular economy.

Study options
Entrance to the rock engineering laboratory.


5/2021. Featuring presentations of master's theses from the Master's Programme in Geoengineering.

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