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Fabian and Jaakko Ahvenainen Foundation

The Fabian and Jaakko Ahvenainen Foundation awards grants and recognition awards annually to students, young researchers and fresh graduates in the fields of bridge engineering, structural engineering and building physics.
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With a deed of donation dated 26 February 1998, Jaakko Ahvenainen donated a sum of 100 000 Finnish markkaa and 246 Kone Oy Class B shares to Helsinki University of Technology . The donation was given for the purpose of establishing a memorial fund in memory of his father, Fabian Ahvenainen, who died on 7 March 1978. He later supplemented his donation twice; on 1 October 1998, he donated a further 20 000 Finnish markkaa and on 13 December 1999 700 Nokia shares.

Part or all of the profits produced by the foundation's capital are distributed annually in the form of grants or recognition awards to students and junior researchers of bridge engineering and structural engineering and building physics at the School of Engineering as well as to engineers, who have just graduated with Master’s or post graduate degrees.

The value and recipients of these grants and awards are decided by the dean of the School of Engineering, based on a proposal made by a three-person grant committee.

The grant committee announces the opening of the application period for grants. Recipients of recognition awards are chosen without an application process.

Fabian Ahvenaisen apurahojen saajat 2019. Vasemmalta oikealle: Yiwei Liu, Sebastian Muuronen, Safi Ur Rehman, Marko Seitsonen, Suraj Rana Bhat ja Vera Babiczky
2019 grant recipients photographed at the award ceremony on 7 March 2019, from left to right: Yiwei Liu, Sebastian Muuronen, Safi Ur Rehman, Marko Seitsonen, Suraj Rana Bhat and Vera Babiczky. Photo Teemu Ojala

Grant recipients 2019

  • DI Vera Babiczky, 1 500 €
  • DI Yiwei Liu,  1 500 €
  • TkK Sebastian Muuronen, 1 000 €
  • DI Safi Ur Rehman, 2 000 €
  • Tekn.yo  Marko Seitsonen, 1 000 €
  • DI Suraj Rana Bhat, 2 000


Grant recipients 2018

  • Joonas Forsman, MSc (Tech.), 2 500 €
  • Pooya Saremi, MSc (Tech.), 2 500 €
  • Jaakko Kärkkäinen, MSc (Tech.), 1 500 €
  • Joonas Lehtovaara, BSc (Tech.), 1 500 €
  • Maria Vinter, MSc (Tech.), 2 000 €

Grant recipients from prior years can be viewed in the file attached below.

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