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Atomically Controlled Materials Engineering

Atomically Controlled Materials Engineering (ACME) focuses on energy materials and thin films: atomic layer deposition (ALD) for development of materials for batteries, (photo)electrochemical cells, and transducers.
Photo-ALD copper film on patterned tantalum oxide
Patterned copper film on tantalum oxide deposited by Photo-ALD

Owing to its fundamental characteristics, ALD is the most powerful thin-film deposition method for controlling functional properties of surfaces and interfaces. ALD is therefore the most suitable and the most versatile method for controlling the key properties of materials for applications in energy. Due to its scalability to large batches of items to be processed, including powders, it perfectly suits for operating bulk materials like conventional battery electrode powders or sheets. At the same time, ALD enables deposition of materials and controlling the properties of them at the nanoscale, suitable for transducers, microbatteries and photoelectrocatalysts (PECs).

Our research focus areas

Sustainable, high-performance battery cathodes

We develop cobalt-free, lithium manganese oxide spinel-based cathode materials for Li-ion and Na-ion batteries employing hydrothermal and gas-to-solid chemistries.

Additive manufacturing of 3D microbatteries

We develop bottom-up methods, especially Photo-ALD, for direct-write of battery components and wiring.

Precision-tailored catalysts for CO2 reduction and H2O splitting

We develop precision-tailored catalyst materials by novel ALD and Photo-ALD processes for photoelectrolytic CO2 reduction and H2O splitting.

Latest publications

High Voltage Cycling Stability of LiF-Coated NMC811 Electrode

Princess Stephanie Llanos, Zahra Ahaliabadeh, Ville Miikkulainen, Jouko Lahtinen, Lide Yao, Hua Jiang, Timo Kankaanpää, Tanja Kallio 2024 ACS Applied Materials and Interfaces
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Key background publications

Highly Material Selective and Self-Aligned Photo-assisted Atomic Layer Deposition of Copper on Oxide Materials

Ville Miikkulainen, Marko Vehkamäki, Kenichiro Mizohata, Timo Hatanpää, Mikko Ritala 2021 Advanced Materials Interfaces

Atomic Layer Deposition of Spinel Lithium Manganese Oxide by Film-Body-Controlled Lithium Incorporation for Thin-Film Lithium-Ion Batteries

Ville Miikkulainen, Amund Ruud, Erik Østreng, Ola Nilsen, Mikko Laitinen, Timo Sajavaara, Helmer Fjellvåg 2014 Journal of Physical Chemistry C

Atomic layer deposition of AlN using atomic layer annealing—Towards high-quality AlN on vertical sidewalls

Elmeri Österlund, Heli Seppänen, Kristina Bespalova, Ville Miikkulainen, Mervi Paulasto-Kröckel 2021 Journal of Vacuum Science and Technology A
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