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TrafficSense is a tool for collecting data on mobility behaviour through crowd sensing.
Traffic scene from Helsinki with the TrafficSense logo

Install the TrafficSense Aalto app through the Google Play Store !

TrafficSense is a tool for gathering information about the mobility behaviour of people. It consists of a mobile application and an associated background system.

By analysing the collected data, we aim to produce new knowledge about people's mobility behaviour, which makes it possible to improve the design of transportation and transport services. We also aim to estimate the impact of new mobility services on mobility behaviour.

In exchange TrafficSense offers you current information about traffic congestion, service disruptions in public transportation and more. TrafficSense will also give you feedback on the energy efficiency of your travel by providing an estimate of the CO₂ emissions produced by your transportation. You can also browse your previous trips and start navigation to the most commonly visited locations.

TrafficSense Web App

Join the study!

Your participation in the TrafficSense mobility study supports data-based transport planning and scientific research.

We value your contribution – the anonymous data you provide is processed anonymously, confidentially and in compliance with the European General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) and Finnish information security legislation.

Participating in TrafficSense

To participate, you must live in Finland, use an Android phone and be at least 16 years of age (if you are 16–17 years old, show your guardian the research description and the terms of use and privacy notice).

To join the study, follow these steps:

  1. Read the research description, which details the research projects TrafficSense data may be used in.
  2. Install the TrafficSense Aalto app through the Google Play Store.
  3. Launch the app and give it the requested permissions.
  4. Accept the terms of use and privacy notice when the app requests it.
  5. Log in to the app with your Google Account (through Account Management).
  6. You're in! Launch the TrafficSense app on your device to get started.

Please note: many of the app's features require a baseline of information before functioning and may thus be unavailable for the first day or two of use while the necessary data is collected.

TrafficSense prize draw

Use TrafficSense during spring 2019 to enter a draw to win movie tickets and other prizes!

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A street scene on Aleksanterinkatu in Helsinki

TrafficSense research

Information about the purpose of TrafficSense research and how it is conducted.

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Aalto University / Aalto students studying / photo: Unto Rautio

TrafficSense terms of use and privacy notice

Terms of use and privacy notice for the TrafficSense application.

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TrafficSense FAQ

Instructions and frequently asked questions related to using the TrafficSense app.

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TrafficSense User Guide ( (external link)

Manual for using the TrafficSense research app.

How it works

TrafficSense uses mobile crowd sensing to collect mobility data on completed journeys: the points and times of departure and arrival as well as the route taken. TrafficSense also attempts to automatically identify the mode of transportation used, from walking and riding a bicycle to cars and public transportation.

The form of public transportation used is identified (bus, tram, train, metro) by comparing routes and times with data from the Helsinki Regional Transport Authority on schedules and routes as well as real-time vehicle position information.

TrafficSense aims to learn your most common routes and destinations in order to give you only the relevant traffic information and avoid unnecessary notifications. Messages are transmitted as push notifications, which can be turned off.

Support and contact information

In case of problems with the application, email us at [email protected] or use the Send Feedback form within the application. 

For more information on TrafficSense research, contact Staff Scientist Iisakki Kosonen at [email protected].

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