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This project focuses on understanding behavioral, service, infrastructure, and institutional aspects of ongoing changes in the micromobility niche within the Helsinki region mobility landscape.
scooters on square

Evaluation of electric scooter deployment in the City of Helsinki 

This project focuses on the following five aspects: 

  1. Spatio-temporal change in severity and frequency of emergency cases with electric scooters

  2. Types of observed competences and behaviors of electric scooter users

  3. Spatio-temporal trip patterns for shared electric scooters

  4. User and non-user perspectives on service and rules

  5. Implications for responsible deployment and institutional development

Project Activities

Traffic in Mannerheimintie, photo Aalto University/Annamari Tolonen

Spatial Planning and Transportation Engineering

Urban realities are becoming increasingly dynamic, complex and fragmented while demands for their livability, sustainability, competitiveness, and attractiveness increase. Our research connects spatial planning and transportation engineering for developing new scientific knowledge needed in systemic understanding, problem-solving, and integrative planning and policy-making beyond sectoral boundaries, aimed at achieving human-centered living environments.

Project Leader

Milos Mladenovic

Milos Mladenovic

Assistant Professor
Spatial Planning and Transportation Engineering

Project Researcher

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